Sa'a entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
EO.MAUII Mauli Left (not right) (Ivs)
AN.MAQURI Mauri Be alive (Ivs)
MP.MEA.1A Mela Red Problematic (???)
MP.MIMI Mimi Urinate (Ivs)
MP.MOHE Mode Inattentive (Ivs)
MP.MOO-MONA Mwomwona Fat, rich (of food) (Ivs) (Ivs)
OC.MOTU.A Mou Broken off (Ivs)
MP.MURI.1A P/uri/ Behind the back (Ivs)
PN.MURI.1B P/uri/ Back of, the stern (Ivs)
EO.MU-MUNI Mumuni Hide, conceal (Ivs)
XW.NAWU Sehu Lime Problematic (Ivs)
AN.NIFO Niho Tooth (Ivs)
TO.NINI.2 Nini/koʔa Trembling, shivering from fright or cold (Ivs)
MP.NIU.1 Niu Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera) (Ivs)
MP.OFI.A äpi(epi) Border on, be contiguous to (Ivs)
AN.QONE One Sand (Ivs)
MP.PAA.1 Para Fence, enclosure (Ivs)
OC.PEPE Pepe Butterfly, moth (Ivs)
AN.PITO.1 Poo Navel (Ivs)
MP.POO.1A Pwongi Night (Ivs)
MP.PONO.1 Po(no)(pono) Closed, stuffed up (Ivs)
OC.POU.1 Pou Post (Ivs)
MP.PULE.1 Puli Cowrie-shell (Ivs)
AN.PULU.2 Pulu Pitch, gum, cement (Ivs)
MP.SAQA.1 Taʔa Bad (Ivs)
NP.SAFE.1 Sapeʔi To add to, to increase in number Phonologically Irregular (Ivs)
AN.SALA.1 Tala Fail, miss (a mark) (Ivs)
OC.SALI.1 Tara Flow. (Ivs)
AN.SAPO Tapo Grab, catch hold of, seize, lay hands on (Ivs)
SO.SA-SALA Haʔi/tale Search. Problematic (Ivs)
OC.SIKA.1 Sike A thorn Problematic (Ivs)
OC.SIWILI Siri A parrot (Ivs)
EO.SOLI.1 Toli/ʔasi To grant (Ivs)
EO.SOLI.1 Toli/ŋi Assign a portion of food to person at feast, permit, grant (Ivs)
AN.SUU.1 Sulu Liquid (Ivs)
NP.SUE.2 Sude Root up earth (of pigs) (Ivs)
EO.SULA Hule (ULW hula) Arrive Problematic (Ivs)
AN.TAQE.1 Ae Faeces, ordure (Ivs)
AN.TAQE.1 Taʔe To defecate (a children's word) Problematic (Ivs)
OC.TAFA.2 Aha Cut, score, notch, mark by incising (Ivs)
OC.TAFE ʔAhe Surf, currents from wind or tide, tide-rip Phonologically Irregular (Ivs)
OC.TAFE Tahe To flow, to be in motion (of water) Phonologically Irregular (Ivs)
OC.TAGA.1A Aŋa A big basket for carrying yams (Ivs)
OC.TALAI Dara Cut up solids, hollow a log (Ivs)
AN.TALI.3A ʔAli Rope (Ivs)
AN.TALIGA ʔÄlinge Ear (Ivs)
AN.TALO.1 Alo One hundred taro (Ivs)
AN.TANU Ano/mi Bury (Ivs)
EO.TAPA.1C Apa Part, side, half (Ivs)
MP.TAWA.1 Awa (Nephalium pinnatum) (Ivs)

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