Takuu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.APO Kk/apo Afraid (that something might happen), anxious, worried (Mle)
SO.QAAUGA Aauna (Perform) dance actions (Mle)
SO.KAPUTI Kaputu Bud of a flower, head of a match (Mle)
PN.ASEU Koo/sihu Fish sp. (carangid?) Phonologically Irregular (Mle)
SO.FAKA-FUA Hakahua Ocean swell; wave on the open sea (Mle)
NO.TIKE.2 Tike Revolve, rotate or spin rapidly... (Mle)
SO.TOKO.1B Toko (Of a bird) roost, settle, perch (Mle)
SO.TOKO.1B Haka/toko Put a bird onto a perch (Mle)
NO.FAKA-PULU Hakappuru Listen carefully and commit to memory; concentrate one's efforts (on achieving a goal) (Mle)
XO.KUTU.2 K/kutu Close together, in a group (Mle)
XO.KUTU.2 Hak/kutu Bring close together, gather; (of people) assemble, congregate... (Mle)
CP.TALO.2 T/taro Massage the body of an unconscious person to induce consciousness; shake someone repeatedly to waken them from a deep sleep Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mle)
NO.TAA.6 Taa (of a person, automobile, etc.) Diverge from the main path, take a branch road... (Mle)
SO.TATA.2 Tata Pull, jerk (a line) (Mle)
NP.TAU-AMA Tauama Rope from mast to furthest outrigger stringer on ancient canoe; shroud (Mle)
SO.TAU-TALI Tautari Follow (an example), imitate (Mle)
PN.TOKO.1C Toko/naki Help, assist, help one another (Mle)
SO.LAO Lao Tail of crayfish or matapoo crab (Mle)
PN.MOHE-QAHO Moemoeao, moomoeao Shark sp. that sleeps among the rocks during the day and eats clams and other shellfish (Mle)
PN.TAMA-TAQANE Tama taane Adolescent male, boy (Mle)
NO.PA-TAKE Petake (of a hole or container) Shallow; (of ground) uneven; (of a road) to have potholes’ (Mle)
XO.ISU.2 Isu Hurt, ache, pain (Mle)
XO.POSU Posu Be full, satisfied from eating (Mle)
SO.SEPE S/sepe Cut or sever (as with a machete) (Mle)
NO.SUGU Sunu Smell something (Mle)
PN.KOGA-A-LOTO Kunaaroto Midsectional piece of a trunk of a tree (in terms of length)... (Mle)
SO.KAU-MAI Kau mai Give me (example s.v. kau.1) (Mle)
SO.UFU.2 Uhu Untie (a knot), undo, unfasten; remove something that has been thrust into something else; make a slip-knot (Mle)
PN.TAQO.3B T/tao (of a bird) Sit on an egg, hatch (Mle)
PN.FAKA-TAFA Ha(k)ataha Move aside, get out of the way; escape from being inside or in the path of something (Mle)
NO.FATUTULI Fatturi Thunder (Hwd)
NO.FATUTULI Hatturi Thunder of a non-dangerous type... (Mle)
PN.MEO Kai/meo Greedy, stingy (Mle)
CE.SEKE.2 Seke (of a school of fish) Move from one reef location to another (Mle)
NP.SEKE.1D Haka/seke Sail a canoe with a tail wind; (of a boat) travel in a following sea; glide, as of a canoe through water; drift (Mle)
SO.FAKANAVA (H)akanava Tree (Cordia subcordata) whose timber is used for house posts and whose flowers decorate dancers (Mle)
??.TULUMA Turuna, turuma Tubular wooden container for turmeric, sealed at one end and covered with fine plaiting (Mle)
SO.QEPU Epu (of water) Murky because of stirred up sediment (Mle)
NO.MUSU.2 Musu Sandfly (Mle)
XO.TAMAKI.2 Puupuu taamaki Overeat, gorge oneself; feel bloated (Mle)
PN.PAQAO Pao/natia (of all the island's trees) Suffer a blight in which many plants bear only undeveloped fruits or have fruits fall off before ripening Problematic (Mle)
PN.TAU-LEKALEKA.B Taukareka Good-looking, fine, good (Mle)
MP.MAHUKU Mouku Inland, central area on Takuu island including men's and women's gardens and bush; kind of fragrant, thin, long-bladed grass; generic term for inland grasses and creepers used as mulch for taro and swamp taro (Mle)
PN.QULU.3 Uru/uru (Of one's stomach) Gurgle, especially after drinking a large quantity of water (Mle)
SO.QULU.4 Uru A sexually explicit song designed to distract potentially malevolent spirits while the image of the spirit Pukena was carried from its carving place to the ritual arena on Takuu Island (Mle)
SO.PAA.7 Paa Indented; blemish in a tree trunk (as opposed to knot) (Mle)
PN.PAKI.3 Paki-a Cut off, trim, prune (Mle)
XO.KAFOTA Kahota (pl. kaffota) Sweat, perspire (Mle)
NO.FAKAA Hak(k)aa/nui Husk of an old coconut (Mle)
SO.SEE.3 See Breath (Mle)

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