Takuu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
MP.TIRO Tilo/tilo mee Admire someone’s (esp. one’s own) physical characteristics (Mle)
AN.TIMU.1 Timu White cloud-like pattern in the night sky Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mle)
PN.TINA Tina Lever; use a lever to move a heavy object; log used as a roller to move a heavy object; any of the four sticks placed under a body to carry it to the cemetery (Mle)
SO.TINAQE.B Tin(n)ae Pregnant (polite term); woman who is pregnant or has just given birth (Mle)
PN.TINO.C Tino Essence, main part; belief; one's own Problematic (Mle)
FJ.TILI.3 Tiri Pound, hit something hard against something else; pound taro in preparing certain dishes (Mle)
FJ.TILI.3 T/tiri Bump into, collide, stub (Mle)
FJ.TILI.2 Tiri/taa (of rain) Light and constant; drizzle (Mle)
PN.TOAFA Toaha An area of Takuu Island’s gardens adjacent to Te Ara Ttoro in the centre of Takuu Island where taro is still grown in laumea plots (Mle)
EC.TOFA.1B T/toha Distribute equally (Mle)
CC.TOFE.2 Tohe (of a canoe, etc.) Having straight sides that come together in a V-shape (Mle)
CP.TOFE.1 Tohe Bivalve mollusc with sharp edges formerly used for shaving (Mle)
AN.TOFI T/tohi Split or tear something apart (e.g. an item of food) (Mle)
PN.TOFU.1 Tohu Complete (of a distribution) (Mle)
PN.TOFU.1 T/tohu Distribute equally (Mle)
NP.TOGI.1B Toni (of a chicken, etc.) Peck (once) (Mle)
PN.TOGI.1A Toni Open coconut for drinking by cutting an opening in the pointed end; cut a wedge from a branch (e.g. to check on the quality of the wood); lodge a machete in a coconut trunk (Mle)
PN.TORO Toro Sugarcane (Mle)
FJ.TOLO.2A Toro (of grasses and certain plants) Grow along the ground or over a surface; collect edible shellfish in shallow water (Mle)
XO.TO-TOKA Tootoka Door, doorway (Mle)
PN.TUQU.3A T/tuu Cut (hair) (Mle)
PN.TALIELIE Tua/tarierie Kind of edible marine crab (Mle)
FJ.TUQI Tui Lineage title (mata) alternating with Pua for the position of ariki... (Mle)
AN.TUI T/tui Sew together, string, lace; feel like needles, give or have a pricking sensation or stabbing pain; thread fish on a cord (for carrying purposes) (Mle)
AN.TUKI.A T/tuki Hammer (vt) (Mle)
PN.TUKU.D Tuku Stop temporarily, pause, quit (Mle)
PN.TUMU-QAKI Tuumaki Crown of the head; soft spot on the crown of an infant’s head Phonologically Irregular (Mle)
PN.TUGI.* T/tuni Set fire to, burn (e.g. grass, rubbish); heat up rocks, shells, or similar hard materials;cook (coconut cream) by inserting hot stones or by heating over a fire; (of the sun) burn fiercely, be uncomfortably hot (Mle)
PN.TULE.1 Ture (moe) Feel sleepy, doze (Mle)
PN.TUQU-TAKI Tuutaki Imitate s.o else’s actions, mimic Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mle)
PN.UU Uu Fit flush together, be joined evenly Problematic (Mle)
PN.QUU.A Uu Heap (of sticks, leaves, etc.) ready for carrying (Mle)
PN.UA.3 Ua Agree on a course of action (Mle)
PN.UA.3 Uee Yes Phonologically Irregular (Mle)
AN.QUFI.1 Uhi Yam [Dioscorea esculenta] (Mle)
PN.QUFI.3 Uhi Cover, lid, cap; cover, cover up; catch a bird while it is on or near the ground by covering it with a hand net (Mle)
PN.QUFU Uhu General name for parrotfish (Mle)
EO.HUQI.1 Uii Remove something from its hanger, lift off, undress, remove one’s clothing (shirt, pants, shoes, etc.); pick pandanus fruit (Mle)
MP.HIKO-FI Ukohi Wooden tongs for removing hot stones from fire; remove (e.g. hot stones) from fire with tongs (Mle)
PN.UKU Uuku/i Rub one’s back with a towel, rub against a vertical surface to relieve an itch (Mle)
OC.UMA.A Uma Breast of a bird; breast meat (Mle)
AN.QUMAGA Uumana Special abilities or work associated with a particular family, group or gender (Mle)
PN.QUMATA Uumata Rainbow (Mle)
AN.QUNA Una/mea General term for turtle (Mle)
AN.UNU.1 Unu/hia Remove [exs bird's feathers; cigarette from packet] (Mle)
OC.SUNU.2 Unu Singe, as of the hair of a pig or feathers of a bird Phonologically Irregular (Mle)
FJ.QULAFI Urahi White reef fish caught with spear or line using hermit crab as bait. Poss? the Longnose Parrotfish [Hipposcarus longiceps] (Mle)
AN.QULU.1 Uru In compound terms: head, skull, front of topmost portion or position of something (Mle)
NP.LUU-KAU.* U/rukau Food prepared for a sick person on the first day he/she stays in the elder’s house Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mle)
EC.ULU-GI Uru/uru Large steering paddle used when a canoe is racing. (Mle)

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