Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
WALA.2 Be apart, separated
WAA-LAI Liana sp. (Mucuna or Entada sp.)
WALE.1 Slimy, slimy substance
WALE.2 Mad, ignorant,stupid, unskilled, careless, forgetful *wale-a
WALO.1 Call out, shout, announce
WALO.2 Squilla
WARU Scrape v
WANA-WANA Spiny, prickly, bristly (Clk)
WAATIA A kind of pudding made from polynesian arrowroot
WATUKE Slate-pencil urchins (Heterocentrotus spp.)
WEKA.2 Go past suddenly
WELO.1 Thrust, as in spearing; propel lengthwise
WETE.1 Untie
WETE.2 Goatfish, Surmullet
WEWE.A Rubbish, refuse
WII.B Sour, fermented
WIKI.2 Praise
WILI.2 Compete, persist
TUTUNA Tree sp. (Diospyros samoensis) *tutun(a,u) (Grf)
MAQA-LAWA Tree sp. *(maqa)maqa-lawa (Grf)
UNUOI Tree sp. (Eugenia reinwardtiana): *(u)n(ii,u)oi
KAWA-KAWA Plant (Piper or Macropiper sp.)
FUKAFUKA Tree sp. (Kleinhovia hospita)
QAA-MURI Later, afterwards
QII.1 Afraid, uneasy
QUHI.2 Pass by, go by, go along
FAKA-QILO Inform, announce
FAKA-QILO-GA Mark, sign; to mark, distinguish by a mark
QILO-GA Sign, mark (n); distinguished by a mark
FIA-KAI To be hungry
QUFI-QULU Hat, head covering *qufi(qi)qulu
QAA-NEI Just now, soon, later today *qaa-(i)-n(a,e)i
QANA-NEI Just now, a short time ago, earlier today *qana-(i)-n(a,e)i(-laa)
PALE.1B Support, assist
PALE-PALE Scaffolding, platform
PALE-TUQA Back-rest; support
HEKE-GA Sitting, standing or walking place
MA-TALA.B Clear (of mind); understood
FOLE Shellfish sp.
TAFOLA.2 Shallow water over reef, reef flat
LOO-LOO Wet, soaked
KUMIKUMI-A Fish sp. (Polydactylus)
MAMANU Parrotfish sp.
MATA-QELE Fish sp. (Serranidae) *mata(q,k)ele
QUME-LEI Fish (Naso sp.)
PATI.1 Clap
AI.2 Exist, be there > have *(i-)ai
FAKA-NOFO Install, appoint (to an office or position); give in marriage
QAGO.B Empty, hollow
KAPI.C Packed tight, completely filled, occupied, covered; narrow, tight *kapi-ti(a)

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