Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
TUU.2 Shake, shake dust off: *tuu(tuu)
TUQU.3A To cut
TUA-.3 Same generation kinship prefix
TUQA.1C Ocean side of reef, far out to sea
TUQA-.2A Numeral classifier relating to layers or strands; times, repetitions
TUA-FAFINE Sister of a male
TUQA-A-KOI Boundary, division: *tuqa-(a)-koi
TUQA-SIWI Ridge of a mountain; backbone: *tuqa-(s,h)iwi
TUQA-A-TINA Mother's brother (Rby)
TUFI Gather, collect
TUFUGA Expert, priest
TUGA.A Larva, maggot, organism causing internal decay
TUGA.B Blemish, imperfection
TUQU-GA.1 Standing place, act of standing, position, site
TUQU-GA.2 Group; heap
TUQU-GAQA Difficult, inopportune
TUUGAKI Signal fire
TUGI.* To ignite, light: *tugi(a)
TUU-KAU.A Handle, haft
TUKE.1 Truncated part, stump; crustacean minus legs (Clk)
TUKE.2 Angle; joint, such as elbow, knuckle
TUKU.B Put down, place
TUKU.D Give up, cease, stop, finish
TUKUKU Small reef fish spp
TULA Bald, bare (Rby)
TUQU-RAGA Standing place; site, location; position, rank; time
TUQULA-LUPE Name of a star or a constellation: *tuqula-(a)-lupe
TULE.1 Inactive, listless, drowsy
TULI.3 Pursue, chase away
TULI-KI Corner
TUQU-RUA Cut in two; half way point
TUQU-MAQU Permanent, regular, constant
TUME Be slow: *tum(e,a)
TUMU-QAKI Top of head, summit, highest point
TUMU-TUMU Top, tip, summit
TUPE.1 Disc used in game (quoits); other disc-shaped objects
TUPU.B Excess, total
TUQU-TAKI To join together, meet
TU-TUQU Dolphin, porpoise
TUUTUU Large crab with big red spots (Carpilius sp.)
TUTU-A Board or log on which bark for cloth is beaten
-U Second person singular possessive suffix
UU Strike home against something
UQU Bite; pinch, hold fast (between two things) (Ebt)
QUU.A Bundle of long thin things (Clk)
UA.2 Levering or prying action
UA.3 Yes: *ua(a)

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