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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.FALA.1 Fala A woven mat, a finished mat . Mat for sleeping, formerly also used as clothing by women
Rotuman PN.FALA.1 Hala To make first row of stitches in a mat
Samoan PN.FALA.1 Fala Mat
Tongan PN.FALA.1 Fala Mat
West Futuna PN.FALA.1 Fara A traditional mat of woven Pandanus leaves
Tahitian TA.FALA.3 Hara/hara Découper un animal, enlever les filets d'un poisson
Niue TA.FALA.3 Fala/fala A disease which attacks the soles of the feet; decay (of teeth...); small size, tiny one Problematic
New Zealand Maori FJ.FALAU Wharau Canoe shed; temporary shed made of branches; travel by sea
Marquesas MP.FALE Haʔe (MQN), faʔe (MQS) Case, maison
Tahitian MP.FALE Fare Maison
West Uvea MP.FALE Fale Maison
East Uvea PN.FALE KOLOA Fale koloa Magasin
East Futuna PN.FAALIKI Faaliki Cover floor with mats
East Uvea PN.FAALIKI Faaliki Faire la plancher d'une maison
Kapingamarangi PN.FAALIKI Haaligi Place a mat under something
New Zealand Maori PN.FAALIKI Whaariki Floor mat, cover floor with mats
Ifira-Mele PN.FAALIKI Faariki Spread mats for sitting upon; floor
Pukapuka PN.FAALIKI Aaliki Cover floor with mats or grass Borrowed
Rennellese PN.FAALIKI Haagiki Mat, table mat, object lying under anything; lie under, be spread upon
Tikopia PN.FAALIKI Fariki Mat, carpet of mats
Tongan PN.FAALIKI Faliki/ʔi Cover (Floor) with mats
West Futuna PN.FAALIKI Fariki Spread out mats
Marquesas EO.FARO.1 Haʔo (MQN), faʔo (MQS) Se mettre en colere, se fâcher, se formaliser Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tongan PN.FARO.2A Fao Stretch tight, make taut
Rarotongan PN.FARO.2A Aro To lash, or lace, as the sides of a canoe with sinnet; to bind the outrigger to a canoe with sinnet; the gun-whale, or that part of the upper strcutre that is lashed to the main canoe part Phonologically Irregular
East Uvea PN.FAALOO.B Faaloo Étendre (la main) (Faaloo te nima)
Tokelau PN.FAALOO.B Faalooloo na lima Beg, plead
Mangareva NP.FAALOA ʔAroa (Epinephelus tauvina). (+ E. melanostigma) (Rch).
Penrhyn NP.FAALOA Haaroa A fish of the Groper family ; white-mottled grouper (Epinephelus maculatus)
Penrhyn EO.FALU Hanu Article marking small plural or paucal; some, other, certain, more than one but not all
Fijian AN.FARU.1 Valu/ta Make war on
Penrhyn AN.FARU.1 Haru Rummage around roughly looking for something
New Zealand Maori TA.FARU.2 Ma/wharu Muddy, boggy
Sikaiana AN.MAI.A Mai Direction marker (follows verb): hither, towards the speaker
East Futuna PN.FANAA Fanaa Mast
East Uvea PN.FANAA Fanaa Mast
Fijian PN.FANAA I/vanaa/ Mast of a canoe
Mota PN.FANAA Pane Boom with forked end stepped on the foot of the mast
Niue PN.FANAA Fanaa Mast
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.FANAA Hanaa Mast ; mast, stick
Rennellese PN.FANAA Hana Mast
Samoan PN.FANAA Fanaa Mast
Tokelau PN.FANAA Fanaa Mast
Tongan PN.FANAA Fanaa Mast
West Futuna PN.FANAA Fana Mainmast
East Uvea PN.FANAGA Fanaaga Fable, conte, roman
East Uvea PN.FANAGA Fagana Fable, legende, conte, recit, roman
New Zealand Maori OC.FAANAKO Whaanako Steal, theft, thief, thievish, thieving [Eastern Maori Dialect]
Mangareva NP.KIINAKI.* ʔIinaki Aliment d'origine animal; pitance, viande, apprêt; tout ce que l'on peut manger avec le ma (aliment végétal) Phonologically Irregular
Tongan MP.FANAU Fanau-ʔi Have a child or children (human, animal, fish, but not birds). To bear, give birth to.