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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Samoan XW.FAI-TALIHA Faitalia Will, choice; to do as one chooses
Tongan PN.SOIFUA Hooifua To feel fresh and comfortable (esp. after a bath); also regal for *lelei* (well, in good health)
Rennellese PN.SOIFUA Soihua To make profane, release taboo; to free or be free from contamination or disease, as of man or plants; to be calm; to escape or recover from sickness
New Zealand Maori NP.ALOA Aro(w)aa Be comprehended, be understood Problematic
Samoan PN.LAAKEI Laʔei To wear a train; to dress for a review of troops; *ti* leaves tied to a stone to attract cuttlefish.
Samoan PN.FAKA-MORI Faʔamoli/moli Portions of food (for those remaining behind). Present given by traveller or sent by one who is absent (Mnr).
Tongan PN.FAKA-NOA Faka/noo/noa Listless, having nothing to say and apparently taking no interest in things; wistful
Tikopia SO.SAGA.1C Sanga Basket of food given as reward for work of borrowed planter; oven prepared for *sanga tapu* workers
Tongan NP.KIINAKI.* Kataki To eat two different kinds of vegetable food together (instead of vegetable and *kiki*). Manger qc. avec la noix de cocos (Btn).
East Uvea PN.RAGI Lagi/aki Chef temporaire, celui qui exerce les fonctions du chef de village pendant son absence; commander, coordonner, ordonner, diriger, prescrire
Samoan PN.RAGI Lagi To call out the different portions of food at a feast, and for whom intended
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.MAFA-TIA Mafasia Be too heavy for, weigh down [NUP]
Tikopia XW.MATINI Matini Flag, pennant; barkcloth streamer (?for *noa*, ritual streamer of barkcloth or leaf marker, as memorial decoration, temple offering, or taboo sign) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tongan XW.MATI.2 Mesi/masi Neither green nor dry; partially dry (of wood, bark, leaves)
East Uvea PN.QOPO ʔOopo/si Joindre, unir, serrer, plaquer, doubler
Fijian XW.LAFU.3 Dravu/dravu/a Covered with ashes; grey in colour; poor, poverty
Tongan XW.SAI Sai Good, good enough....suitable...well (in good health)...a good thing. Borrowed
Samoan XW.SAI Sai To be good looking (as a man, house, canoe &c)
East Uvea FJ.SOSAQA Soosaʔa Etre emmerdant Borrowed
East Uvea FJ.TOHO.B Too/ki (obs.) Enlever une femme pour en abuser
Tongan FJ.TOHO.B Too Emmener par force une femme pour en abuser
Tokelau OC.TOHO.A Toohina Be attracted, be drawn
Takuu OC.TOHO.A Tosi (pass. toosina) Move something over (a little)
Sikaiana OC.TOHO.A Too/too Straighten bones using traditional methods Uncertain Semantic Connection
Hawaiian OC.TOHO.A Koo To drag, push, tow...
Tokelau SO.VAE-LUA-A-POO Va(e)luaapoo Middle of the night
Rennellese SO.VAE-LUA-A-POO Baguaapoo Late night, as between 12 and one; according to some, before midnight.
Samoan PN.TUQU-GA.2 Tuuga A portion beyond the appointed share of food or property; a privilege which some are allowed to ask for; the acquisition of all the great titles. Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rennellese PN.QUGOGO ʔUngongo A wood-borer at sea that bores deep holes in floating wood
Tongan PN.SAA-KILI.1 Hakili To make a thorough examination of (looking in every nook and corner) in searching for something
Ifira-Mele NP.LALA.2 Rraa/ia Scatter (of a school of fish)
Samoan PN.TUKI.C Tuʔi The larger of two wooden gongs in a pair of *pātē*, or one of a pair of *lali*
Tuvalu PN.MATE.1E Tai mate Smooth low tide
Tuvalu PN.FAKA-AGI Fakaagiagi To get some breeze, to cool off
Tuvalu XO.KOKO.4 Koko Dented, concave; a pool or pond
Tuvalu PN.LOLO.1B L/lolo (of food) To absorb coconut cream, to be creamy
Tuvalu PN.MEQA-KAI Meakai Food
Tuvalu PN.MATA.5 Mata/loa Door, gate
Tuvalu PN.POO.1B Poo Day (as time unit)
Tuvalu MP.SUKI.A Suki Horn, incisor, canine tooth
Tuvalu PN.KIKI.1 Kiki To eat one food with another; to mix foods in the mouth. Protein (may refer to meat, fish or anything else eaten with rice, *pulaka* etc.; to eat protein or other food with rice (Jsn).
Tuvalu PN.KINA.3 Kiina/ga Non-vegetable food contributed by family to communal feast (consists of pork, fish or chicken and forms part of the *fakaluaga*).
Tuvalu PN.RAGI Lagi An agreement as to how much food should be provided for a gathering in *aahiga*.