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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Niue PN.TUQU-TAKI Tuutaki To join together (vt); to take after [resemble]; disciple (Bib.)
Fijian AN.TUTU.3 Tutu The beat of a drum when a village was taken or people were killed
Niue PN.UQU U/uu To bite, take a bite
Tongan PN.FAKA-QILO Fakaʔilo To make known, to report, esp. a death to relatives or close friends
Fijian MP.UE.A Ue Make noise or move about; to move in a confused or tumultuous manner
New Zealand Maori MP.UE.A Ue Push, shove, shake
Takuu MP.UE.A Ue Jiggle, shake about
Tuamotu MP.UE.A Ue Shake, push and pull (as a tree)
Tuamotu PN.UGA Unga Enter into, take possession of, the body (as the spirit of a god)
Takuu PN.A-IA Aiaa Take it! Here!
Marquesas EC.VALE Aé/aé, ake/ake Gauche Phonologically Irregular
Easter Island MP.URU.2 Uru Take out the stones which have heated in an oven; stick used for same
Rennellese MP.URU.2 Ugu Spread or rake, as oven stones
West Futuna MP.URU.2 Uru/akea a fatu To lift off stones (esp. as on earth oven)
Samoan CP.QULU-QULU Ulu Swell or breakers caused by hidden rock Problematic
Bugotu AN.UNU.1 Ugnu-gna Cast skin of snake
Hawaiian AN.UNU.1 Unu/hi Take out; withdraw; unsheath
Emae AN.UNU.1 Unu/sia Take out, take off, as clothes
New Zealand Maori AN.UNU.1 Unu-hia Pull out; withdraw; take off (e.g. pants)
Samoan NP.USU.2 Usu Make formal call, meet (of council); sing a song
Niue MP.UTA Uta Load (n); to take, carry
Easter Island AN.QUTA.1 ʔUta Costa por oposicionb a mar; interior de una isla . Country, field, place (higher than speaker)
Fijian PN.UTU.1A Utu To join end to end; to make ends meet Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rarotongan PN.UTU.1A Utu Payment; take payment
Tahitian CE.UTU.1B Utu The hair taken from head of a slain enemy, that was taken to the marae; the first person that fell at the commencement of hostilities
Tuamotu OC.QUTU.3 Utu Large growth stage of kakaravi, a kind of fish; a variety of beaked fish, white in colour
Hawaiian EO.WAA.1 Waa Make a noise, roar, din, talk much
New Zealand Maori EO.WAA.1 Wa/waa Make loud indistinct noise
Nukuoro EO.WAA.1 Vaa To make noise (in a group)
Luangiua EO.WAA.1 V/va(a) Make awful sound; loud noise
Luangiua EO.WAA.1 Ve/v/vaa Make loud noise/sound
Sikaiana EO.WAA.1 V/vaa Speech heard but speakers unseen
Takuu EO.WAA.1 V/vaa Noise; to make a vocal noise; (of fish) create turbulence near a canoe; loud, noisy
New Zealand Maori CE.RUI Rui-a Shake, brandish; shake down, as fruit from tree; cause to fall in drops; scatter, cast away; sow
Tahitian CE.WAHII Vehî A case, sheath, or covering; to case, or cover a thing; to make into a bundle and tie up
Takuu MP.WAI.1 Vai Fresh water, liquid, well for drawing water, puddle, lake, or other body of water
Moriori CE.WAIHO Waiho Leave; be handed down; make into
Luangiua PN.WALE.1 Vale Slime on snake [snail?]
Tahitian CE.WALE-A.B Varea To be drowsy, overtaken with sleep
Tokelau PN.WALO.1 Valo (of birds) Make a noise in an alarmed manner
Tongan PN.WALO.1 Va/valo/ Make prediction, prophesy, utter a warning cry
Luangiua PN.WALO.2 Valo A crab which makes a deep hole
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.WARU Valu/ia Scrape out (e.g. coconut, kumara, yam, breadfruit, taro, a tree (to make traditional medicine), etc.)
Takuu PN.WARU Varu Scrape a coconut or fibres from a swamp taro stalk (e.g. to make a hat), grate; grate coconuts
Tongan NP.WAANAGA Vaangana (Of water) to make a trickling, rippling or running noise Problematic
Marquesas CP.WASA Haʔa/vaha Make an opening (e.g. for passage of people)
Tikopia PN.WAATIA Vaatia A pudding made from the root of masoaa; make sago pudding
Tuamotu EP.WAWAI Vava(a)i Vine (Triumfetta procumbens) whose fibres used to make cordage and clothing
Rarotongan EP.WERE-WERE.A* Vere That which is of a gauze-like appearance, or that which is thin or fine to make; anything flimsy and easily broken; the uvula . To pout
Tikopia XO.VELO Vero Sea fish, large, red, incl. Coral Cod (Plectropomus sp.) and allied kinds; taken on line