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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tokelau CP.TAU.6 Tau Point at which the keel meets the curve of the bow or stern
Takuu PN.TAAU-GA.B Tauna Suspended basket for keeping food; hooked stick suspended from the ceiling on which a basket of food may be hung
West Futuna PN.TAAU-GA.B Tauga Hanger, hanging pot; contraption for hanging things from ceiling (esp. to keep rats from getting food). Stick or rope for slinging food on, hanger (Cpl).
Hawaiian CE.TEE.1 Kee Clang (as bell), strike (as clock)
Luangiua CP.TEA Keea Green Problematic
Hawaiian NP.TEE-IA.* Keeia This
Luangiua NP.TEE-NEI Keeŋei This (near speaker)
Hawaiian CP.TEQETEQE Keekee Arothron hispidus
Samoan PN.TEU.1 Teu Put away, keep, pack, store up, save; put s. t. in order, tidy; bury; adjust, arrange; dress, decorate; bunch, bouquet of cut flowers
New Zealand Maori EP.TIAKI Tiaki Watch for, wait for, guard, keep
Easter Island OC.TINO.A Tino Body, matter . Keel
Tahitian PN.TOFU.1 Tohu/a To give or share out in driblets, while the one who shares keeps most for himself
Rotuman PN.TUQA.1B Fua Edge or corner; ridge, corrugation, keel, midrib...
Tahitian EC.TURUMA Fare/turuma An out house to keep lumber in; also one occupied by a tii
Rarotongan MP.UE.A Uue kee To turn or twists about in different directions
New Zealand Maori NP.UMELE Umere Sing or chant to keep time in any united effort; shout in wonder, satisfaction, etc.; shout, applause
Niue OC.WALO-WALO Aloalo A spreading shrub plant (Premna taitensis) (used for medicinal purposes, leaves rubbed on body to keep evil spirits away). Also (Premna corymbosa) (Ykr).
Kapingamarangi PN.FAKA-QILO-GA Hagailongo Record; to keep a record; omen (of death)
Tuamotu PN.HEKE-GA Ekeeŋa A voyage, journey
Samoan PN.MA-TALA.B Matala (Of the mind) be sharp, keen
Tokelau PN.MA-TALA.B Matala (Of mind) be sharp, be keen
Tupuaki FJ.TAKELE.A Taere Keel or bottom of canoe
Samoan FJ.SAKE.1 Sakee A martial dance of Uvean origin introduced into Samoa in the early nineteenth century (Macpherson) Borrowed
Samoan PN.TAUSI Tausi Take care of, nurse; observe, keep as a command. Wife of an orator or tulafale (McP).
Tokelau PN.TAUSI Tauhi Look after, take care of, maintain, uphold, keep
Sikaiana FJ.TAKELE.A Takele Bottom,*base (of island, house on posts, cup); keel (of boat)
Tongan PN.QANU-FEA Faka/anufea To cool down or keep cool by placing in water
Luangiua NP.TEE-LAA Keela That yonder
Hawaiian NP.TEE-LAA Keelaa Demonstrative: That, that one, he, she, it, that person or thing, the former
Hawaiian NP.TEE-HENA Keenaa Demonstrative: That (near the person addressed)
Luangiua NP.TEE-HENA Keeŋa That (near you), then, but
Luangiua OC.KEA.2 Papu e keea Humpbacked Maori Wrasse Uncertain Semantic Connection
Luangiua OC.KATEA Vahi a keea Starboard
Tongan PN.TOKONAKI Tokonaki Lay up in store; keep or store in readiness; prepare or provide; get together ready for use; gather, esp. food
Tongan PN.QARA-FAKI ʔAafaki To keep watch beside a corpse; to keep someone awake; to prepare and light up a native oven immediately on waking. Veiller; (cuisine) que l'on fait avant jour (Btn).
Sikaiana PN.QARA-FIA Alahia To keep oneself awake
Nukuoro PN.FAKA-TAFA Hagadaha To stay at a distance, to keep one's distance
Tongan PN.MEO Meo Sullen, downcast; keep oneself in check when speaking, moderate one's language or 'climb down'
Samoan ??.TULUMA Tulula A basket to keep oil-bottles in; a foreign boat Phonologically Irregular
Tuamotu CE.POKEA Pokeea (Portulaca lutea)
Nuguria OC.KEHE Kee Different (vi); another time (post-verbal particle)
Nuguria PN.TUQA.1B Tua Bridge (of the nose); keel (of boat)
Nuguria PN.TUQA-SIWI Tuahivi Keel (of canoe)
Samoan NP.KAU-QALIKI ʔAualiʔi A talie tree (Terminalia); a keel of a canoe made of talie (A chief's word)
Takuu PN.FAKA-WALE Hakavvare In a daze; mad keen, obsessively interested in something (e.g. fishing)
Easter Island OC.KEHE Taŋata kee Stranger
Tahitian SO.KINA.2 Ina The edge of a tool; sharp, keen
Tahitian PN.FAKA-QAROFA Faaaroha To cause pity or compassion; a keep-sake, a relic
Nukumanu MP.KILA.2 Kkira, kira/kira Look (at), look for; keep eyes open
Nukumanu OC.KEHE K/kee Different (plural)