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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Sa'a EO.QATAMAI.A Adomaʔi Think, recollect [Ulawa Dialect]
East Futuna EO.QATAMAI.A ʔAtamai Intelligent, expert, clever
East Uvea EO.QATAMAI.A ʔAtamai Raison, boin sens, jugement
Fijian EO.QATAMAI.A Matai Smart, clever (Ra dialect) Problematic
Hawaiian EO.QATAMAI.A Akamai Clever, expert
Emae EO.QATAMAI.A Atamai Wise, wisdom
New Zealand Maori EO.QATAMAI.A Atamai Knowing, quick-witted; malicious
Nukuoro EO.QATAMAI.A Adamai Recollect/recall past events/persons, etc
Pukapuka EO.QATAMAI.A Atamai Wish, desire ; intelligent, having common sense
Pukapuka EO.QATAMAI.A Atamai kole Stupid
Rennellese EO.QATAMAI.A ʔAtamai Exclamation of surprise, sometimes perjorative
Rotuman EO.QATAMAI.A ʔAtmai Sensible, intelligent, wise Borrowed
Samoan EO.QATAMAI.A Atamai Intelligent, clever
Sikaiana EO.QATAMAI.A Atamai Clever
Tahitian EO.QATAMAI.A Atama Wisdom, intelligence, wise, intelligent Phonologically Irregular
Takuu EO.QATAMAI.A Atamai Have clear recall of past events or information, possess a good memory; (of a small child) smart, wise, clever; sober
Tikopia EO.QATAMAI.A Atamai Mind, thought, idea, meaning
Tokelau EO.QATAMAI.A Atamai Intelligence, wisdom, knowledge
Tongan EO.QATAMAI.A ʔAtamai Intelligent, intelligence
West Futuna EO.QATAMAI.A Atamai Right-minded, sane, clever
East Futuna ??.QATAMAI.B ʔAtamai Right (not left)
Marquesas ??.QATAMAI.B Atamai Droit, a droit
East Futuna PN.A-TE-.1 -Ate Marque personnelle devant pronoms singuliers apres les prépositions i, mei et ki
'Are'are AN.QATE.1 Rae-na Stomach, heart, liver, lungs, womb, mind, seat of affections etc.
Fijian AN.QATE.1 Yate/mawa Lungs
Niue AN.QATE.1 Ate Liver, (occasionally may refer to any organ)
Tikopia AN.QATE.1 Ate Liver of man and other creatures
Rennellese PN.QATE.2 ʔAte/gima Arm muscle
Samoan PN.QATE.2 Ate/lima Thick part of the arm
Tahitian PN.QATE.2 Ate rima Partie charnue de la main, du bras
East Futuna PN.QATI.3 Ati Maçonner ; construire avec des pierres (Sigave)
East Futuna PN.QATI.3 Eti Maçonner, construire avec des pierres (Alo dialect)
Niue PN.QATI.3 Ati To build (traditionally to collect stones and material for building a house
Rennellese PN.QATI.4 ʔAtiahi Faggot, as for carrying fire when matches are not available
Tahitian NP.AATI ʔAti Unir, joindre (e.g. as in marriage) Phonologically Irregular
Tongan PN.ATO Ato Acquire higher rank through marriage
Niue AN.QATO Ato To cover (mainly refers to covering a shelter with leaves, or to cover an area of land with leaves , usually for the purpose of a burn-off). To thatch (McE).
Tahitian AN.QATO Ato Couvrir une maison en pandanus ou en palme de cocotier
Takuu AN.QATO Oto/oto (pass. oto/hia) Tie pandanus thatch to a roof, tie mat panels to the sides of a house Phonologically Irregular
New Zealand Maori OC.ATU Atu Postposed particle indicating direction away from speaker; a comparative marker
Niue OC.ATU Atu Away from speaker towards hearer, towards a third person when neither speaker nor hearer involved; a comparative marker
Penrhyn OC.ATU Atu Particle marking direction away from speaker; away, thither
West Uvea OC.ATU Adu Postposed particle marking movement on or from a given place or time
Rennellese MP.QATU.2 ʔAtu hano Ancestral line, patrilineal of matrilineal; to follow generations later
Easter Island MP.QATUA Atua Gentleman, god, Lord
New Zealand Maori EP.ATUA Atua(-mate-o-Hotu) The moon on the fifteenth day
Nukuoro SO.ATUA-LOA Manu-roa The centipede Problematic
Kapingamarangi MP.QATULE Ature Mackerel
Luangiua MP.QATULE Akule Common Mackerel
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.QATULE Atule Mackerel fish (scad)