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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
East Futuna OC.A A Marque de l'absolutif (obligatoir devant noms propre et noms commun au pluriel défini, facultatif devant pronoms postposés au verbe et noms communs au singulier ou au pluriel indéfini)
Lau OC.A A Personal article used with the names of males only
Marquesas OC.A I/a/ Case marker before personal names and personal pronouns
Luangiua OC.A A Personal marker
Rennellese OC.A A Personal subject marker (Elbert 1988:107)
Rennellese OC.A (I)/a/ Object marker
Tahitian OC.A I/aa Marque du complément (devant les pronoms et noms propres)
West Uvea OC.A A Article marking animates. Special circumstances apply
Rennellese PN.-A Namu/a/ Be mosquito-ridden, to be many mosquitoes
New Zealand Maori PN.AA- -Aa- In the manner of
Niue PN.AA- -Aa- Like, as, after the manner of
Samoan PN.QAA-NEI ʔAanei It is likely; may, I fear that; it is about, more or less Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rarotongan MP.AFAA ʔAaʔaa matagi Meaning uncertain, but referred to bad weather(Mka.) Problematic
Samoan PN.AFAGA Afaga Small portion of beach, as in a cove or small bay ; place where canoe is usually kept
East Futuna MP.QAFATO ʔAfato Larve qu'on mange (Hmn)
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.QARO-FI Alohi/manava Womb; deepest feeling, whole heart, heart
Samoan MP.AFE.1A Afe Turn aside; lift, turn over (as mat)
Nggela EO.QALU.B Alu/alu Go quickly, swinging arms; march, as troops
Tahitian NP.AFE.1B Ahe/ahe Emptiness; empty (as the stomach) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Moriori PN.QAA-FEA Ahee = MAO ahea (Wms)
Tokelau AN.AFI Afi Fire, matches, lighter; oven; motor, engine
Nukuoro PN.QAFII Ahi/ malo Mat wrapping for clothes
Marquesas PN.AFU.2 Ahu/ka Cérémonie qui consiste à porter aux jeunes mariés un jeune pied de hiapo qu'on plante
New Zealand Maori PN.QAFU.1 Ma/ahu/ Steamy
Rennellese PN.QAFU.1 ʔAʔahu Burn, smart, hurt (as new tattooing); shake, as with fever
Tahitian EO.QAFU.2 Ahu To throw up or huddle toegher a heap of things; to pile up stones or throw up earth, as for a fortification; to put up the wall of a marae; to make an inclosure to catch fish in shallow places (Dvs). Plate-forme supérieure des marae (Lmt)
Moriori NP.AAFUA Ahuu = MAO ahua (Wms)
East Uvea PN.QAAFUA Afu/a Banc de sable dans la mer; partie du rivage laissée à marée basse, grève
Luangiua PN.QAAFUA Maka/ahua Sandy spit
Penrhyn PN.QAAFUA Aahua Small islet
Vaeakau-Taumako SO.FAKA-FUA Hakahua Small waves
Rennellese NP.QAFULU ʔAhugu Small fish sp
Samoan NP.QAFULU Afulu Small goatfish
Vaeakau-Taumako NP.QAGA.2 Anga A shell. Small edible shell, horned helmet (Charonia tritonis) (Hnh).
Tongan PN.QAGAQAGA ʔAngaʔanga Human corpse. Carcasse (Btn).
East Uvea PN.AGE Age Particule tres employe qui marque un rapport a une troisieme personne ou a un lieu different de celui ou l'on est; ...marque aussie le comparatif plus
Takuu PN.AGI.2 Ani Feel very empty (of stomach); hungry, famished, starved
New Zealand Maori CK.AGI.3 Angiangi A plant (Coprosma bauerii)
Rarotongan CK.AGI.3 ʔAnge (Geniostoma sykesii) ("Apparently Cheeseman (1903) and Campbell (1932) mistakenly applied this name (misspelled as angi) to the similar looking but unrelated Coprosma laevigata." Problematic
Rarotongan CK.AGI.3 Ange (Geniostoma rarotongensis) Problematic
Anuta AN.AGO.1 Ango (Curcuma domestica)
East Futuna AN.AGO.1 Ago (Curcuma longa)
East Uvea AN.AGO.1 Ago Nom d'une plante donnant une coleur jaune. Curcuma domestica (le curcuma, safran des Indes)
Fijian AN.AGO.1 Cago (Curcuma domestica)
Niue AN.AGO.1 Ago Turmeric (Curcuma longa), yellow
Luangiua AN.AGO.1 Lauʔ/aŋo Turmeric (Curcuma domestica)
Rennellese AN.AGO.1 Ango Turmeric plant, (Curcuma longa)
Roviana AN.AGO.1 Aŋo (Curcuma sp.)
Samoan AN.AGO.1 Ago (Curcuma domestica)
Takuu AN.AGO.1 Ano Turmeric (Curcuma domestica), the plant as well as the processed rhizome