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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Rarotongan PN.ATA.1 Mama-i-/ata/ Dawn
East Uvea OC.FANUA-MAMALA Fenuamamala Nom d'un arbre
Tongan OC.FANUA-MAMALA Malamala ʔa fonua Alternative name for fonua mamala
Tongan OC.FANUA-MAMALA Fonua malala Niua name for fonua mamala
Niue OC.FANUA-MAMALA F(o)umamala Shrub sp. (Homalanthus nutans)
Samoan OC.FANUA-MAMALA (Fanua) mamala, fogaamamala (Omalanthus nutans)
Tongan OC.FANUA-MAMALA Fonua mamala Tree sp. (Omalanthus nutans)
Tahitian PN.MA-MALU Mamaru Easy of access, as a lewd woman Uncertain Semantic Connection
Easter Island PN.KAFU.B Kahukahu mamari Membrane of egg
Marquesas PN.KUI.2 Kui Mother, old woman. Mère (Lch). Maman, mum (Atl).
East Futuna PN.MAMA.1 Mama Poreux, qui prend l'eau ou qui la perd
Emae PN.MAMA.1 Mama Leak, ooze, dribble
New Zealand Maori PN.MAMA.1 Mama Ooze through small holes
Mangareva PN.MAMA.1 Mama Leak. Faire de l'eau (navire), fuir, ne pas être étanche (toiture); perdre de l'eau (récipient)
Luangiua PN.MAMA.1 Mama Leak
Penrhyn PN.MAMA.1 Mama Leak
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.MAMA.1 Mama To leak (of boats)
Pukapuka PN.MAMA.1 Mama Leak
Rarotongan PN.MAMA.1 Mama Issue, emerge, spring out, appear
Samoan PN.MAMA.1 Mama Leak
Sikaiana PN.MAMA.1 Mama Leak
Tahitian PN.MAMA.1 Mama Faire eau (pirogue), fuir (toit)
Tongan PN.MAMA.1 Mama Leak
Tuamotu PN.MAMA.1 Mama Leak
Anuta MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew food for infants; mouthful
Easter Island MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew
East Futuna MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew
East Uvea MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew
Fijian MP.MAMA.2 Mama/a Chew and spit out, chiefly of kava
Hawaiian MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew
Kapingamarangi MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew thoroughly
New Zealand Maori MP.MAMA.2 Mama Perform rites to nullify witchcraft or remove tapu Problematic
Emae MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew something until soft
Ifira-Mele MP.MAMA.2 Mama/kina Chew food then feed to a child
Marquesas MP.MAMA.2 Mama Mâcher. Masticate; écraser sous les dents (Atl).
Mangareva MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew. Mâcher, broyer avec les dents; ne pas parler clairement
Nggela MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew fine
Niue MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chewed food; to feed with chewed food. A mouthful, that which is chewed, the cud (McE).
Luangiua MP.MAMA.2 Mama Food in mouth
Penrhyn MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew; weaning food
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chewed food for children
Pukapuka MP.MAMA.2 Mama Feed another person; esp. spoon-feed a child
Rarotongan MP.MAMA.2 Mama, mamaa-ʔia Chew; a mouthful
Rennellese MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew without swallowing
Rotuman MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew
Samoan MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew
Tahitian MP.MAMA.2 Mama Mâcher légèrement un aliment pour l'attendrir avant de donner à un bébé
Takuu MP.MAMA.2 Mama Chew; chewed food (for babies)
Tikopia MP.MAMA.2 Mama To chew
Tongan MP.MAMA.2 Mama, maa To chew, esp. kava...or candlenuts (preparatory to using them as soap), or food which, after being chewed, is to be fed to a baby