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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tongan PN.QAA-.2 ʔA/hoʔataa At noon today (said in the morning)
Tongan PN.QAA-.2 ʔA/efiafi This afternoon (said in the morning or at mid-day)
Easter Island AN.AFIAFI Ahiahi Late (of day); afternoon
Nukuoro AN.AFIAFI Ahiahi Late afternoon and early evening
Pukapuka AN.AFIAFI Awiawi Later afternoon or evening
Rennellese AN.AFIAFI Ahiahi Late afternoon and early evening
Takuu AN.AFIAFI Afiafi Afternoon, evening
Tokelau AN.AFIAFI Afiafi Afternoon and evening
Kapingamarangi NP.QAO-ATEA Oodee Noon
Nukuoro NP.QAO-ATEA Odea Midday, noon
Rennellese NP.QAO-ATEA ʔAoʔatea Early afternoon
Samoan NP.QAO-ATEA Aoa/uli Midday, noon Problematic
Tikopia NP.QAO-ATEA Aoatea, o(v)atea Midday; (early) afternoon (older form)
Tikopia NP.QAO-ATEA Faka/oatea "Nooning", technical term for gift of food from household of mother' s lineage to household of father' s lineage in celebration of childbirth, initiation, etc. "noonday rite"
Tokelau NP.QAO-ATEA Aoa/uli Mid-morning; mid-day, noon Problematic
West Futuna NP.QAO-ATEA T/aotea Noon, afternoon
Tokelau NP.QAA-I-LAA-NEI Naanei Sometime later today (generally in the afternoon or evening)
Tongan PN.QANA-.2 ʔAne/efiafi This afternoon (said after dark) or yesterday afternoon (said next morning)
Tongan PN.QANA-.2 ʔAne/hoʔataa At noon today (said in the afternoon or evening) or at noon yesterday (said next morning)
Tongan PN.QANA-.2 ʔAne/uhu This morning (said at noon or later)
Tongan PN.QANA-POGIPOGI ʔAnepongipongi This morning (said at noon or later) (rare)
New Zealand Maori ??.ANOO Anoo Postposed particle, again
Rotuman AN.QASO.2 Aso/fa Afternoon and evening
Manihiki-Rakahanga CE.AWATEA.* Avatea Afternoon, noon, daytime
Hawaiian CE.AWATEA.* Awakea Noon
Rarotongan CE.AWATEA.* Avatea Forenoon nine to twelve
Tuamotu CE.AWATEA.* Avatea Late morning to early afternoon
Hawaiian PN.FUGOWAI.* Makua/huunoowai/ Parent-in-law
Hawaiian EP.FUNAOGA.* Huunoona Son- or daughter-in-law, nephew or niece by marriage
New Zealand Maori EP.FUNAOGA.* Hunoonga Son/daughter-in-law
Penrhyn EP.FUNAOGA.* Hunoonga, hunoanga Son-in-law, daughter-in-law
Rarotongan EP.FUNAOGA.* ʔUnoonga Son-in-law, daughter-in-law
Tahitian EP.FUNAOGA.* Hunooʔa Gendre (hunoo'a taane), belle-fille (hunoo'a vahine)
Tuamotu EP.FUNAOGA.* Hunooŋa Son-/daughter-in-law
Takuu CP.GOGO.1 Nnoo Brown Noddy (Anous stolidus), or ? White-capped Noddy
Hawaiian PN.GOGO.2 Noo Seepage; to leak, ooze, seep, sink
Niue TO.HO-QATAA Hoataa Noon
Niue TO.HO-QATAA Hoata Noon
Tongan TO.HO-QATAA Hoʔataa Noon, midday
New Zealand Maori PN.KALAWA.1 Kaarawa Flax line with nooses for snaring
New Zealand Maori OC.KOLO.1 Koro Noose
New Zealand Maori NP.KONA.5 Kona Corner, nook, interior, angle
New Zealand Maori NP.KONA.5 Kona/ki Corner, nook, interior, angle
New Zealand Maori NP.KONA.5 Kona/nga Corner, nook, interior, angle
Luangiua SO.LAQALAQA-TEA Laalaakea Afternoon
Vaeakau-Taumako SO.LAQALAQA-TEA Lalathea Midday, lunch, noon
Takuu SO.LAQALAQA-TEA Laaraatea, raaraatea Noon
Niue EP.NO Noo Your (sing.) (obs.)
Marquesas MQ.ROGOROGO ʔOnoʔono, onoono Bards. Chants païens pour diverses fêtes.
Tokelau PN.LOOMAKI.* Loomaki Lower into water (of a noose to trap fish)