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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tongan PN.QAA-.2 ʔA/hoʔataa At noon today (said in the morning)
Tongan PN.QAA-.2 ʔA/efiafi This afternoon (said in the morning or at mid-day)
Nukuoro SO.QAFA.2 Aha-bagua Driftwood sp. (resembles bagua [Pandanus dubius])
West Uvea PN.QAFA.3 Afa/gia To open (hand, eyes, door, wound)
Hawaiian NP.QAFA-TEA ʔAhakea Trees (Bobea spp.); wood used for canoe rims
Nukuoro NP.QAFA-TEA Ahadea Driftwood sp. (white on the inside)
Luangiua NP.QAFA-TEA Ahakeea Big tree, hard wood, used for canoes
Waya MP.QAFATO Avato Wood-boring grubs of various kinds
Anuta MP.AFE.1A Paka/ape/ To bend something into hook shape
New Zealand Maori MP.AFE.1A Awhe-a Pass round, or behind v.i., v.t.; surround, beset; stir, disturb; a greenstone pendant with the end curved; scoop up, gather into a heap
Nggela EO.QALU.B Alu/alu Go quickly, swinging arms; march, as troops
Fijian AN.AFI V/avi/ Cook in earth oven Phonologically Irregular
Fijian AN.AFI L/avi/ Fetch firewood, carry fire Phonologically Irregular
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.QAFII Hi/na Pack in parcels (used about food wrapped in leaves to be baked in the oven)
Pukapuka PN.QAFII Awii Wrap food with leaf covering
Tikopia PN.QAFII Afii Leaf container for food, bent over and tied
Easter Island AN.AFIAFI Ahiahi Late (of day); afternoon
Nukuoro AN.AFIAFI Ahiahi Late afternoon and early evening
Pukapuka AN.AFIAFI Awiawi Later afternoon or evening
Rennellese AN.AFIAFI Ahiahi Late afternoon and early evening
Takuu AN.AFIAFI Afiafi Afternoon, evening
Tokelau AN.AFIAFI Afiafi Afternoon and evening
Rarotongan CE.AHO Aʔo Breath; have a good wind, plenty of breath
Rennellese SO.AFU.3 Ahu To resemble, look like, appear
Rennellese PN.QAFU.1 ʔAʔahu Burn, smart, hurt (as new tattooing); shake, as with fever
Kapingamarangi EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Islet , scoop up
Niue EO.QAFU.2 Afu Heap up firewood for oven
Rennellese CP.AGA Anga Look like, resemble
Rennellese PN.QAGAQAGA ʔAnga Chest, chest tattooing Problematic
Rarotongan CK.AGI.3 ʔAnge (Geniostoma sykesii) ("Apparently Cheeseman (1903) and Campbell (1932) mistakenly applied this name (misspelled as angi) to the similar looking but unrelated Coprosma laevigata." Problematic
Samoan PN.AGO.2 Ago Sketch out (a design), mark line for cutting ; mark with charcoal, draw lines for tattooing
Rarotongan PN.QAGO.B Angoo Emptiness
Nggela AN.QAHO Aho Good weather
Tongan AN.QAHO ʔAhoʔaho Very bright (of the moon)
Easter Island NP.QAO-ATEA ʔOotea Dawn, morning, morrow
Kapingamarangi NP.QAO-ATEA Oodee Noon
Ifira-Mele NP.QAO-ATEA T/ootea Mid-day
Nukuoro NP.QAO-ATEA Odea Midday, noon
Rennellese NP.QAO-ATEA ʔAoʔatea Early afternoon
Samoan NP.QAO-ATEA Aoa/uli Midday, noon Problematic
Tikopia NP.QAO-ATEA Aoatea, o(v)atea Midday; (early) afternoon (older form)
Tikopia NP.QAO-ATEA Faka/oatea "Nooning", technical term for gift of food from household of mother' s lineage to household of father' s lineage in celebration of childbirth, initiation, etc. "noonday rite"
Tokelau NP.QAO-ATEA Aoa/uli Mid-morning; mid-day, noon Problematic
West Futuna NP.QAO-ATEA T/aotea Noon, afternoon
Samoan NP.QAA-I-LAA-NEI Naanei poo This evening, tonight
Tokelau NP.QAA-I-LAA-NEI Naanei Sometime later today (generally in the afternoon or evening)
Hawaiian CE.AAIO ʔAioo Wave that rises and falls without breaking
New Zealand Maori TA.AISE Aihe Driftwood; drifting
Easter Island AN.AKA.A Aka Root
East Futuna AN.AKA.A Aka Root