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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Samoan PN.FAKA-LANU Faʔalanu To wash off salt water; prevent the effects supposed to arise from eating tapui nuts; remit punishment; remove offence by undergoing a penalty
Marquesas TA.KAI-PUNU Kai-pupuni Qui mange en cachette, non généreux Problematic
Rennellese PN.KALO.1 Kago-hia To punish Uncertain Semantic Connection
Luangiua PN.PULE.2 Pule/pule A body of men appointed by the priests or punish any who might try to cross beyond the boundary
East Futuna OC.KINI.1 Kini Punish, beat
Niue PN.MALA-QIA Malaia Unfortunate, accursed; misfortune, punishment
Nukuoro PN.PAKOLA Pagola Bad luck, punishment
Niue EP.FAKA-PEKE Fakapeke To curl up (refers to situations when someone 'makes himself small' as a sign of shame or expectation of some punishment Borrowed
Kapingamarangi PN.PUNI.1A Puni Closed or joined tightly (as the blade to the handle of the adze)
East Uvea PN.PUNI.1A Puni/ga Meeting in circle
Hawaiian PN.PUNI.1A Puni Surrounded; completed
New Zealand Maori PN.PUNI.1A Puni Sheath or cover for ornamental feathers; a camp
Moriori PN.PUNI.1A Puni Blocked up
Mangareva AN.PUNI.1B Pu/puni To hide oneself
Niue PN.PUNI.1A Puni To be completely filled, completed; to block (the wicket in cricket). Crammed (McE).
Niue PN.PUNI.1A Pu/puni/ Enclose, shut in. Block up, cover up, partition (Sph).
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.PUNI.1A Puni Be delayed, be a long time; be diffficult (mentally)
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.PUNI.1A Puni/a Delay (vt)
Pukapuka PN.PUNI.1A Puni Fully occupied ; closed, shut
Rarotongan PN.PUNI.1A Puni Enclose, shut in, secrete (Intrans)
Rennellese PN.PUNI.1A Puni Entangled
Samoan PN.PUNI.1A Pu/puni Block, bar; to close (e.g. door); screen off, hide
Sikaiana PN.PUNI.1A Puni Closed up, stopped up; in descent lines, to have a line without any children, or, for some speakers, with only female children
Takuu PN.PUNI.1A Puni Shut off, blocked, closed off; (of bivalve) having its shell closed; (of eyes) blind; (of customs, knowledge, etc.) forgotten, obsolete, no longer in use
Tikopia PN.PUNI.1A Puni Block, bar, compress
Tokelau PN.PUNI.1A Puni Surround, encircle (fish); block off
Tongan PN.PUNI.1A Puni/puni Shut up all the doors and windows
Tuamotu PN.PUNI.1A Puni Surround, covered over, lie concealed
West Uvea PN.PUNI.1A Puni-tia Bouché, bloqué; boucher, couvrir
Hawaiian MQ.PUNI.2 Puni A year of ten months
Marquesas MQ.PUNI.2 Puni A year of ten months. An, année (Dln).
New Zealand Maori AN.PUNI.1B Whakapu/puni/ Crouch, lurk, hide oneself
Mangaia AN.PUNI.1B Puni To hide oneself
Marquesas AN.PUNI.1B Pu/puni Se cacher. Se blottir, se tapir (Lch).
Mangareva AN.PUNI.1B (Pu)puni Se cacher
Pukapuka AN.PUNI.1B Pu/puni Close, shut, concealed
Rarotongan AN.PUNI.1B Puni Hide (obs.)
Tahitian AN.PUNI.1B Pu/puni To hide one's self, to take shelter behind another
Rennellese SO.SAAFEA Saahea To be punished by the gods as for trespassing ona taboo place, perhaps by sickness; to be bewitched
Nuguria AN.SASA Sa/i/sa/i Punish
Hawaiian CE.TAKA-PUNI Kaʔapuni Go round, revolve, encircle
Rarotongan CE.TAKA-PUNI Takapuni Encircle, go around
Rennellese SO.TAU.10 Taugia Hit, hurt, prick, strike, puncture, punish; be hit as by arrow or stone; have a splinter
East Futuna PN.TOTOGI Totogi Payer, acheter; prix, paie, punition
East Uvea PN.TOTOGI Totogi Recompense ou punition; salaire; vengeance
Fijian PN.TOTOGI Totogi To be punished or fined. Tongan word Problematic
Rotuman PN.TOTOGI Togi Get in exchange, buy, pay, punish; price, payment (cwd) Problematic
Manihiki-Rakahanga AN.PUNI.1B Pu(ni)puni Hide; secretly. To secret; to hide; to play hide and seek (Sve).
Marquesas MP.QUMU.1A Umu Four, fournaise, fournée. Punition, correction, châtiment; vengeance, rancune (Lch).
Easter Island TA.UTU-GA Uutuʔa Penalty, punishment, sentence (from TAH) Borrowed