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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
East Uvea OC.A A Personal article after ki, i before personal name and some pronouns
Tokelau OC.A A personal article, used before personal names after the prepositions i and ki
West Uvea OC.A A Article marking animates. Special circumstances apply
Samoan PN.-A -a Denoting an abundance of thing denoted by the base
Tongan PN.-A Namu/a/ Infested with mosquitoes
Niue PN.AA- -Aa- Like, as, after the manner of
Tongan PN.QAA-MURI ʔAmui Later on, at some future time or date
Tongan PN.QAA-.2 ʔA/efiafi This afternoon (said in the morning or at mid-day)
Tongan PN.QAA-.2 ʔA/ʔanoiha The day after tomorrow
Tahitian NP.AE ʔAe Oui, forme expressive de 'ee, qui peut dénoter des sentiments divers suivant l'intonation
Marquesas CE.TEKA.3 Pa/teá Placer ou fixer une ou plusieurs petits barres de bois en travers sur un objet lourd pour le porter; porter sur l'épaule ou sur un brancard.
West Uvea FJ.QAFA.1 Afa Aiguille/navette pour fabriquer/réparer les filets
East Futuna SO.QAFA.2 ʔAfa Tree sp. (Neonauclea forsteri)
Samoan SO.QAFA.2 Afa Tree sp. (Neonauclea forsteri). Also Tutuila name for (Faradaya amicorum) (Phm).
West Uvea MP.AFAA Afaa Tempête, cyclone
Pukapuka PN.QASA-GA.A Aayanga Name for the unbroken stretch of built-up reef on eastern (windward) side of atoll, stretching between motu (islets)
Tikopia PN.AFAGA Afanga Access route, resting place.
East Uvea PN.QASA-GA.A Ahaga Passage de la mer où l’on peut guéer d’une terre à l’autre, isthme
Nukuoro NP.QAFA-TEA Ahadea Driftwood sp. (white on the inside)
Tahitian NP.QAFA-TEA Ahatea Name of a tree used for keels of boats (Nauclea sp.)
Takuu NP.QAFA-TEA Afatea A tree that drifts to Takuu
Tikopia NP.QAFA-TEA Afatea Tree in hillside forest (Nauclea orientalis; Neonauclea forsteri)
Fijian MP.QAFATO Y/avato/ Grub in a tree, develops into the Coleopterus called qou
New Zealand Maori MP.QAFATO Aawhato, aawheto Large caterpillar, larva of (Sphinx convolvuli)
East Futuna MP.AFE.1A Afe Turn aside; deviate
East Uvea MP.AFE.1A Afe Deviate, turn aside
Emae MP.AFE.1A Faka/afe/ Deviate, turn aside v.i.
Niue MP.AFE.1A Afe/afe Branch off repeatedly
Penrhyn MP.AFE.1A P/ahe/ To deviate, detour, turn
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.RAA A/la Postnuclear qualifier, usually indicating uncertainty, or softening of the preceding word; if Problematic
Tongan MP.AFE.1A Afe Deviate
Tikopia PN.AFE.2 Afe Ten thousand, in occasional fish counts
Tikopia PN.AFE.2 Afe (Ten) thousand; a large number (Fth)
Hawaiian PN.QAA-FEA Aahea When (in the future, interrogative)
New Zealand Maori PN.QAA-FEA Aawhea When (future interrogative)
Nukuoro PN.QAA-FEA Aahee. Ahea (Crn). When? (indefinite future)
Samoan PN.QAA-FEA Aafea When (future interrogative)
Tahitian PN.QAA-FEA Aafea, aahea Quand interrogatif, interrogation sur un évènement non accompli
Tokelau PN.QAA-FEA Aafea Interrogative adverb referring to future time: when, at what time?
West Futuna PN.QAA-FEA Afea, afia, aia When (future interrogative)
Marquesas AN.AFI Ahi Fire. Feu, allumettes chimiques, capsule d'arme à feu
Tokelau AN.AFI Afi Fire, matches, lighter; oven; motor, engine
East Futuna MP.QAFI ʔEfi Place under the arm (as a letter, another's hand). Porter sous le bras (Mfr). Phonologically Irregular
East Uvea MP.QAFI ʔEfi(ʔefi) Porter sous le bras Phonologically Irregular
Sa'a MP.QAFI Äpi(epi) Hold under arm; steer canoe holding paddle under arm (Cdn) Problematic
Easter Island AN.AFIAFI Ahiahi Late (of day); afternoon
Nukuoro AN.AFIAFI Ahiahi Late afternoon and early evening
Pukapuka AN.AFIAFI Awiawi Later afternoon or evening
Rennellese AN.AFIAFI Ahiahi Late afternoon and early evening
Takuu AN.AFIAFI Afiafi Afternoon, evening