Protoform: FAKA-TUPU.B [PN] To create, start, originate, cause

Description: To create, start, originate, cause
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to PN: Polynesian

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Anuta Pakatupu/nga Beginning; growing point (Fbg)
East Futuna Fakatupu Causer, provoquer (Mfr)
East Uvea Fakatupu Faire naitre, donner naissance, créer...produire, être cause de.... (Rch)
Luangiua Haakipu Create (Smd)
Mangareva ʔAkatupu Concevoir, devenir mère (Rch)
Niue Fakatupu To cause to happen (only used in the context of a dream that foretells something bad to happen) (Sph)
Penrhyn Hakatupu To cause (Sta)
Rarotongan ʔAkatupu Start, develop something (Bse)
Samoan Faʔatupu Cause, originate (quarrel etc.) (Prt)
Tahitian Faatupu To cause any thing to happen or come to pass (Dvs)
Tikopia Fakatupu Create (Fth)
Tokelau Fakatupu Cause, bring about, stimulate, arouse (Sma)
Tongan Fakatupu To cause to come into existence; produce, originate, generate...create, beget, cause (Cwd)
Tuamotu Hakatupu Initiate, start, bring about... (Stn)
Tuvalu Fakatupu To start, cause (Jsn)
Vaeakau-Taumako Huatupu/lia Fulfill, create (Hvn)

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