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Protoform Item Description Source
AN.WAKA.A Vaka Boat, vessel (Fts)
FJ.WAKA-WAKA Kavakava Rib Phonologically Irregular (Fts)
PN.WALA.2 Vara/vara Plantar semillas o plantitas dejando espacio entre ellas. To be separated. The few remaining (of a group, of many) (Wbr). (Kvt)
PN.WALE.1 Vare Spittle, saliva (Fts)
NP.WALI.2 Veri/veri Mojarse pasando por chascos (to get wet going through puddles) Problematic (Fts)
EP.WARI Vari Menstruation (Fts)
AN.WALU.1 Varu Eight (Chl)
OC.WALU.2 Vaʔu (Ruvettus pretiosus) Problematic (Fts)
PN.WARU Varu Shave, cut one's hair, shear (Fts)
CP.WANA Vana Large sea-urchin with short quills (Fts)
PN.WANA-WANA Vanavana Radiate, said of any object with its parts radiating horizontally from a central axis (Fts)
NP.WAANAGA Vaanaŋa Hablar, conversar, decir, pronunciar. Language; word (Wbr). (Fts)
CP.WASA Vaha Hendedura, abertura de un cuerpo; espacia entre los dedos de la mano (vaha rima) (Fts)
CP.WASA Vaha takitua Perineum (Thomson) (Fts)
NP.WASI Vahi Put apart, put aside, separate (Fts)
NP.WASI A/vahi To break, crack, split, tear . Borrowed (Fts)
EP.WAWAI Vavai Cotton (Fts)
OC.WAWE Vave Still, yet Uncertain Semantic Connection (Fts)
CC.WEKE-WEKE Vekeveke Eyelash, eyelid (Wbr)
NP.WEKU.1 Veku/veku To tangle; bird with entangled feathers (e.g. after falling into water), person with entangled hair (Fts)
OC.WELA.A Vera Conflagration, fire; to burn, fire, ignite, kindle, scorch (Fts)
OC.WELA.B Vera Hot (non-environmental) (Wbr)
FJ.WELE Vere(vere) To weed (Chl)
EP.WERE-WERE.A* Vere(vere) Beard, down, hair (Fts)
EP.WERE-WERE.A* Verevere Hairy, shaggy; tow, oakum (Chl)
EP.WERI Veri Myriapod, centipede . Not in (Chl)
NP.WELI.2 Veri Become worm-eaten (Fts)
PN.WELO.1 Vero Throw; stab. Throw (a sharp pointed object, e.g. a knife, harpoon, sharpened stick) (Wbr). (Fts)
EP.WEO Veo Nail; to nail (Fts)
PN.WETE.1 Ve/vete Loosen, untie (Fts)
CE.WEU.1 Veu Roots of certain plants (kuumara, yam) Problematic (Fts)
EP.WEWE.B Veve Poor (Wbr)
OC.WII.A Vii The Indian Mango tree (Mangifera indica) Borrowed (Fts)
OC.WILI.1A Viri (pl.viviri) To roll. Wrap up (an object, in paper, a cloth, etc.) (Wbr). (Fts)
XE.WILI.1C Viri To fall, tumble down. Fall (an object dropped unawares and lost) (Wbr) (Fts)
EP.MAPE.B Maapee Kidney (Fts)
PN.TAGA-A-MIMI Tauamimi Bladder Phonologically Irregular (Fts)
EC.FAKA-MATE Hakamate Causar la muerte, matar (Fts)
PN.QAA-NEI Ani/raa, arinaa Hoy, ahora luego, un poco más tarde. Today (with imperfective aspect) (Wbr). (Fts)
EP.MAIKA Meika Banana (Fts)
PN.AI.2 Ai Haber, ser, estar; hay. Exist, be (Wbr). Poseer, tener (Fts). (Egt)
NP.NUAFINE Nuahine Mujer vieja, anciana (Egt)
NP.NUAFINE Nuehine Old woman (Chl)
PN.TAU.3 Ta/taku Count, calculate Phonologically Irregular (Fts)
EP.PAU.1D Pau Worn out; to abrade, erase, rub, wear out (Fts)
PN.TUQA.1B Tuʔa Back (adv), posterior (adj) (Fts)
PN.TUQA.1B I/tuʔa Behind (Fts)
EC.AA.1 A/nei Por aqui (Egt)
EC.AA.1 A/ruŋa Por arriba (Egt)
NP.FAKA-TELE Hakatere Hacer correr, poner en movimiento. Drive (e.g. boat, car, airplane); religion (Wbr). (Egt)

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