Mangaia entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
NP.MATI-KAO Matikao Finger (Chn)
TA.MOTI.2 Mootiʔa Open place ["a vast place with nothing in"] (Sta)
EC.PUU.5 Puu ʔeke Octopus head (Sta)
PN.KAU-TAA Kautaa Stiff Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sta)
AN.FANO.1 ʔAna Come, go Phonologically Irregular (Sta)
PN.PUUPUU.4 Puupuu Heap, pile, congregation (Sta)
TA.APARAGI ʔApa-rangi Half fine and half cloudy (Sta)
NP.KAKE-GA Kakenga Stone steps in the cliff (Sta)
NP.ME.1B Mei, mee Like, resembling, approximately, nearly Problematic (Sta)
CE.ANEI Anei Adverbial particle marking a question (Sta)
CE.GAKI.A Ngaki Earn, get more, try to get enough (Sta)
CE.GAKI.A Ngaki/ngaki Do fishing continuously (Sta)
TA.TEI.1 Tei Possible locations, what or which, among several possibilities Problematic (Sta)
CE.TEE.3 Tee Particle of continuous action, sentence initial (Sta)
NP.KO-NAA Kona There, where the person is standing or pointed to (Sta)
CE.KAHORE ʔAaore, kaore None, nothing (Sta)
PN.TE-QA-NA Tana/taaʔana Poss. pron. He has (Sta)
PN.TE-O-U Toʔou Your (possessive), yours (Sta)
PN.PEE-HENI Peenei Possibility (adv.) Possibility, likely, maybe, could-be, etc, also peneiake Problematic (Sta)
PN.TE-O-KU Toku My (possessive) (Sta)
EP.KA-.1 Kaa Particle used in counting (Sta)
FJ.POKA.4 Mboka Tear out by the roots (Fox)
NP.MANU.1C Manu Kite (Sta)
NP.MANU.1B Manu The month of July to August (obs.) (Sta)
PN.MATA-LIKI.A Kaakaro matariki Look carefully, watch carefully Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sta)
NP.PEI Pei Green candlenut fruit divided into halves; toss or fumble something on one's palm (as in playing dib-stones) (Sta)
CE.MA-HEA zyx (Cpl)
CE.MA-HEA Maaea Weak, low-spirited, idle, lazy (Sta)
PN.MOKO.1B Moko Caterpillar, butterfly larva (Sta)
PN.TALAAO Tarao Brown-spotted grouper (Epinephelus sp.) (Sta)
PN.MATE.1E Tai mate Very calm sea (Sta)
CE.MA-REKA Mareka Satisfied, happy (Sta)
NP.EQA.B Ea/a maki To recover from illness (Sta)
CK.KOO-ITI Koiti The little finger (Sta)
CE.POU.2 Pou Jump or dive into the water (Sta)
FJ.TOFA.1A (To)toʔa Spread [ex. soil] (Sta)
EO.TUFA.1 Tuʔa Share, divide (Sta)
PN.UA.2 ʔUa/aki Remove, pull off with force (Sta)
EP.SUAKI.* ʔUaaki Remove, pull off with force (Sta)
AN.KUMI-KUMI Kumukumu Beard (Chn)
AN.KUMI-KUMI Kumikumi Moustache, beard (Sta)
TA.PUUAI Puuai Strong; strength (Sta)
PN.SAFOLE Aʔore Banded flagtail (Kuhlia taeniura) (Sta)
PN.AA- Aa Like, similar to (Sta)
CE.AA.2 Ee And, together, plus (Sta)
CE.AA.3 Aa Through, all the way (post-verbal) (Sta)
PN.QARO.B Aro rangi Weather Problematic (Sta)
NP.QARO-FI-LAGI Aro rangi Weather (Sta)
EO.HOKA.2 ʔOka/a kina Lever off and collect sea urchins Phonologically Irregular (Sta)
CK.GUTU-PAA Ngutu paa Entrance, doorway (Sta)

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