Rarotongan entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
OC.GATA.1A Ngata An edible sea-slug. (Bse)
CE.GATA.1B Ngata An edible sea-slug (Bse)
PN.GATAQA Ngataa Difficult (Bse)
PN.GATAE Ngatae The indigenous Coral Tree (Erythrina variegata) and the introduced Dadap Tree (Erythrina subumbrans) (Whr)
CE.GAATI Ngaati- Prefix to name of tribe (Bse)
PN.GAQATI Anga Shell, gourd, basket to trap fish Phonologically Irregular (Bse)
PN.GATOLO.1 Ngaatoro To crawl all over; to have feeling of things crawling on one (Sve)
OC.GAU Ngau-a, -ʔia Chew (Bse)
PN.GA-UE Ngaue Make sudden involuntary movement, start, shake, sway, budge (Bse)
PN.GAAWARI Ngaavari Pliable, easily persuaded. Unstable, wobbly, loose (Bse)
EP.GEE Ngee(ngee) Squeal (e.g. as pigs), groan, squeak (Bse)
PN.GEQE Ngee/ngee Swollen and inflamed (Bse)
NP.GEGE Ngenge Benumbed; have pins and needles (Bse)
CE.GERE Ngere Deprived of, needy, bereaved, lack (Bse)
CE.GETE Ngete Click the tongue in surprise; click, clack (Sve)
MP.GII Ngii Grunt, utter guttural sound (Bse)
LO.GIGITA Ni(ni)ta Papaw (Ldn) Borrowed (Bse)
FJ.LUNA Runa (Boerhavia tetrandra) (Atiu) (McC)
FJ.GOGO.3 Ngongo Shrivel, contract into wrinkles (Bse)
CE.GOIO.1A Ngooia, ngooio Brown Noddy (Anous stolidus) (Bse)
CK.GORE Ngore(ngore)-ʔia Cut short, shave(d) close, strip(ped) or prune(d) bare (Bse)
OC.GOLO Ngoro Snore (Bse)
CE.GORU Ngoru Weak (in the muscles), feeble, paralysed, crippled (Bse)
PN.GOSE Ngooee Soft, gentle (like breeze) Phonologically Irregular (Bse)
TA.GOTE Ngote-a, -ʔia Suck in/up; absorb (Bse)
OC.GUU.1 Nguu Grunt v (Bse)
PN.PILO Piro/piro Smell rotten or putrid (Bse)
PN.PILO Piro Old and much worn (of things), worn out, rotten (Bse)
PN.GUGU.1 Ngungu Gnaw (Bse)
MP.GUGU.2 Ngungu Rheumatism; lameness (Sve)
MP.GULU Nguru(nguru) Grunt, rumble, murmur (Bse)
MP.GUTU.A Ngutu Lip, rim, entrance, orifice (Bse)
EO.HAA.2 Aa Drive away, chase away (Bse)
AN.HAFA.A Aʔa What (Bse)
PN.HAGA.2 Anga (Turn and) face (Bse)
MP.HAI ʔAi Who? (Bse)
OC.HAKAU Akau Coral reef (Bse)
OC.HAKE.B Ake Up, upwards (Bse)
PN.HAKU Aku Swordfish, Garfish (Bse)
AN.HALA Ara Road, path, passage, way, trail, track (Bse)
FJ.HALA-TAKI Arataki Lead, guide, direct v (Bse)
EO.HAMA Ama Outrigger float (Bse)
CE.HAMUMU Amu Chant (war, love, epic) (Bse)
CE.HAMUMU Amumu Taunt, tease (Bse)
PN.HAPI Api Acanthurus guttatus (Hpr)
AN.HAU Au Wooden needle (Bse)
PN.HEKE Eke Be in rut, ready to serve female (of animals) , (Bse)
OC.HIFO.B Iʔo Downwards (Bse)
PN.HILA Ira An illness affecting babies in which the eyeball is said to turn blue (?infantile gastroenteritis) (Bse) (Bse)
FJ.HILI Iri Rest on some support, lodge on something; have a place on board; go aground; descend or light upon one (of a title, curse, blame, or luck) (Bse)

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