Takuu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.LAULAU Raurau Basket containing enough cooked food for one or two people (Mle)
PN.LAU-QULU Lauru, louru, rauuru Hair (on one's head) (Mle)
PN.LAU-PATA Laupata, loupata, raupata Tree sp. (Macaranga ? dioica) (Mle)
PN.LAA-TOU Laatou, raatou Third person plural independent pronoun: they, them (Mle)
PN.LAWE.2A Rave, lave Snag, catch (as a fish on a hook, a fishhook on a rock), entangled (Mle)
MP.REGA Rena Type of ano plant producing a yellow powder made into turmeric dye (Mle)
PN.LEI.1 Rei Whale tooth (Mle)
SO.LEIA Reia Vomit back food through the nose; choke while drinking (Mle)
OC.LELE.A Llee Fly; (of fish or other marine animal) move through the water, swim; (of wind) change direction, shift... (Mle)
MP.REFU.1 Rehu Toxic, indigestible, spoiled Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mle)
EC.REFU.2 Rehu/rehu Small rain cloud (Mle)
OC.LEQO.1 Reo Voice, melody of a song or musical instrument, intonation (Mle)
NO.FEKAU.C Hekau Belongings, possessions, equipment (esp. of fishing), handicrafts (Mle)
FJ.LEU Reu (of fruit) Ripe; (of a pimple, sore, etc.) having a head or scab that may be removed to extract the pus (Mle)
FJ.LII.2 Rii Bark fibres used for tying bait to hook in shark-catching; tie bait to shark hook (Hwd)
PN.LI-AKI Riaki Perform throwing motion without releasing an object from the hand; scatter about, sprinkle; flick (s.o. from s.t. else); throw s.o. to the ground; throw s.t. over s.t. else without releasing it from one’s hand; shake out (with vigorous hand movement); throw with a sling; shed (hair, leaves, skin, etc.); cast off, lose (a tooth); lay (an egg) outside the nest; (of a baby) born prematurely (Mle)
AN.LIHA Ria Louse egg (Mle)
AN.RIKI -riki Diminutive (Mle)
MP.LIMU Rimu Generic term for certain types of seaweeds that grow singly or in clumps but do not send out runners (Mle)
PN.LILO Rilo Go out of sight, disappear (Mle)
AN.LIMA.A Rima Five (Mle)
MP.LIMA.B Rima Arm, hand (Mle)
PN.LEQO.2 Lo/lo/sii, lo/ro/sii (pl. lollosii) Watch over something or someone; protect (Mle)
OC.LOA.1 Ro/roa/ Tall (Hwd)
PN.LOO-QATA Loata, roata Generic term for the ant (Mle)
AN.ROFA Rofa Fathom (Hwd)
PN.LOFI L/lohi, lo/rohi Flood, inundate (Mle)
AN.ROGO.1A Rono Hear, feel (Hwd)
EC.LOKONIU Rokonui, lokonui Widow, divorcee (Mle)
CP.LOLI Rori Sea-slug sp. (Hwd)
PN.LOLO.1A Lloo Coconut cream; coconut oil to which leaf fragrances are added after the meat has been boiled and strained; any expressed food (Mle)
NP.LOOLOA Roroa Fish sp. Similar to aku (needlefish) (Mle). (Hwd)
FJ.LOLO-QI.A Lloi Prepare (food) with coconut cream (Mle)
PN.LOMI L/lomi, romi Press down, plant (taro...), push or hold under water, submerge, drown an animal... (Mle)
PN.LOTO.C Roto Angry, mad; anger (Mle)
PN.LOTU.1 Rotu Worship (Hwd)
MP.LUA.1 Rua Depression, hole in ground (Mle)
OC.LUA.2 Rua Vomit, throw up, retch (Mle)
AN.RUA Rua, lua Two (Mle)
PN.LUE.1 Rue Rock or shake something back and forth (Mle)
MP.RURU Lluu Sheltered from the wind; sheltered area (Mle)
PN.LUPE.1 Rupe Pacific Imperial Pigeon (Ducula pacifica) (Mle)
PN.LUPO Rupo Fish sp., small growth stage of Caranx spp. which grows into a matapuku (Mle)
OC.MA.4 Ma And, with (Mle)
OC.MAE.1A Mae Withered, dried (Hwd)
PN.MAEA.1 Maea Rope that is wound (as opposed to braided) (Mle)
PN.MA-FAQA.A Mafaa Broken, cracked (Hwd)
SO.MA-FAQA.B Mafaa te muri Crack between buttocks (Hwd)
PN.MAFI Mafi Strong (of wind) (Hwd)
PN.MA-FOLA Mafora (raoi) Recovered from sickness Uncertain Semantic Connection (Hwd)

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