Tikopia entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
MP.FIRI.1 Fi/firi/ Necklet, plait (hair only) (Fth)
EO.FILO Firo Roll cord on thigh, twist (Fth)
NP.FILOA Firoa A fish (Lethrinus chrystomus) (Fth)
EC.FINA.1 Fina Tremble Uncertain Semantic Connection (Fth)
PN.FINA-GALO Finangaro Resentment (Fth)
PN.FISO-QA Fisoa (Colubrina asiatica) (Fth)
PN.FIITAQA.B Fitaa Sated, fed up (Fth)
MP.FITI.1A Fiti Spring (Fth)
NP.FITI.1B Fiti Rise, (e.g. of moon), sprout (Fth)
PN.FITI.2 Fiti Name for Melanesian Islands to immediate north and south of Tikopia (Fth)
CO.FITI-FITI-KIA Fitifitikia To have developed pubic hair (Fth)
AN.FITU Fitu Seven (Fth)
OC.FOA.A Foa Thump, strike heavily, break open by striking (Fth)
PN.FOFOGA Foga, fogo Top, crest, crown Problematic (Fth)
FU.FOGA-SELE Fangasere Precious (Fth)
MP.FOHE Foe Paddle (Fth)
EO.FOQI.1 Foi Particle of indivualisation (for objects and occasionally persons) (Fth)
EO.FOKI.1 Foki Return, retreat (Fth)
PN.FOKI.2 Foki Also, too, again (Fth)
AN.FOLA Fora Spread out, straighten out, unfold (Fth)
AN.FOLAU Forau Sea voyage (Fth)
PN.FORE Fole Peel, strip off (as bark, skin) Phonologically Irregular (Fth)
PN.FOLO Foro Swallow (Fth)
FJ.FONO.2A Fono Harangue (Fth)
PN.FONO.3 Fona/akava Ritual basket of food presented to chief from clan or lineage temple rites (Fth)
AN.FONU.1 Fonu Full, fullness (Fth)
AN.FONU.2 Fonu Turtle (Fth)
CO.FONU-FONU Fonufonu Water-filled places, water-logged areas (Fth)
PN.FOSA.1 Fosa Child (Firth 1954:99) (Fth)
PN.FOSA.2 Fosa Root, especially taro corm and other root vegetables (Fth)
SO.FOTA.2 Fota Converging lines of stones to assist netting fish (Fth)
EO.FOTA.3 Foto hollow out canoe (Fth)
MP.FOTU.1 Footu To appear (Fth)
EO.FOTU.3A Fotu Hole, holed (Fth)
AN.FOQOU Fou New, modern, fresh (Fth)
PN.FUU.2A Fuu Hide, keep secret (Fth)
PN.FUU.2A Fufu Hidden, concealed (Fth)
FU.FUU.2C Fuu Children's game in which a cat's eye operculum is hidden in the sand (Fth)
FJ.FUA-.2 Fua- Numerical classifier, marking ten or hundred, in tally of many kinds of small objects, such as nuts (Fth)
AN.FUA.3A Fua Fruit (n); to fruit (Fth)
AN.FUA.3A Fue/i Egg, egg-shaped object (Fth)
SO.FUA.4 Fua Fleet (Fth)
SO.FUA.5B Nofo fua Naked, bare (Fth)
PN.FUAFUA.2A Fu(a)fua Covered with pimples (Fth)
NP.FUAAGA Fuaanga Ancestors of maternal patrilineage (Fth)
CP.FUQAGA Fuanga Whetstone (Fth)
CO.FUATAGA.1 Fuatanga Lament; dirge; funeral song; certain other traditional ritual songs (Fth)
PN.FUA-TASA Fua tasi Only child, solitary person (Fth)
OC.FUE.1A Fue A vine that grows on the strand (Fth)
PN.FUE.2 /Fue/fue Scare away Problematic (Fth)

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