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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
East Futuna PN.LAU-PAPA Laupapa Plank, table, board
Hawaiian PN.LAU-PAPA Lau-papa Broad, flat (Surface)
New Zealand Maori PN.LAU-PAPA Raupapa Level surface, flat ground
Mangareva PN.LAU-PAPA Raupapa Rubbish, fragments (e.g. a broken wall Problematic
Niue PN.LAU-PAPA Laupapa Floor, board, platform
Samoan PN.LAU-PAPA Lau-papa Plank, board
Tongan PN.LAU-PAPA Lau-papa Board, plank
Rapa MP.LIMU Rimu/papa A sea weed, cooked with ru
Marquesas RO.MALAU.1 Maʔau-kuʔa-papa (Priacanthus hamrup) [Forstal]
Marquesas AN.MATUQA.C Motua Father. Père (Lch). Papa, dad (Atl).
Rapa EP.MAIKA Meia hamoa, meia papaa Introduced varieties of banana Borrowed
Kapingamarangi PN.MOTO.2A Moto Not ripe, green, of pandanus, papaya
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.PAPA.1B Papa Rock; lower stratum; floor. The raised wall of dead coral (round coral islands) (Sve).
Sikaiana AN.PAA.2A Papa (ppa) (pass. paa/kia) To slap with the hand Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn NP.PAA.6 Paa Papa! Father! Grandpa!
Vaeakau-Taumako SO.PAKAKAU.* Papakau, pepekau Shoulder; wing Phonologically Irregular
New Zealand Maori AN.PAKI.1 Paki/paki (Freq. of papaki) Clap hands, pat
Pukapuka MP.PAKU.A Papaku Dry
Anuta MP.PAPA.1A Papa Board, plank
East Futuna MP.PAPA.1A Papa Board, plank
East Uvea MP.PAPA.1A Papa Planche, être plat, sans bosse
Hawaiian MP.PAPA.1A Papa Board
Emae MP.PAPA.1A Papa Board
New Zealand Maori MP.PAPA.1A Papa Board
Mangareva MP.PAPA.1A Papa/ga Étage
Nuguria MP.PAPA.1A Hare-papa Floor of a house
Luangiua MP.PAPA.1A Papa Floor
Penrhyn MP.PAPA.1A Papa Board, plank
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.PAPA.1A Papa Plank; part of broken canoe (used to transport persons or things on land or by sea...) ; board; drum
Pukapuka MP.PAPA.1A Papa To lay down flooring
Pukapuka MP.PAPA.1A Papa/naki Driftwood, boards off foreign vessels
Rapa MP.PAPA.1A Papa Spacer for netting; a board, generally
Rennellese MP.PAPA.1A Papa Sounding board
Rotuman MP.PAPA.1A Papa Floor or deck if made of boards
Samoan MP.PAPA.1A Papa Flat (board, rock, etc.)
Sikaiana MP.PAPA.1A Papa Wooden box, coffin; timber, lumber; board in front of the weaver that supports the warp-threads
Tahitian MP.PAPA.1A Papa A board, a seat
Tikopia MP.PAPA.1A Papa Plank
Tongan MP.PAPA.1A Papa Board
Easter Island PN.PAPA.1B Papa Flat stone; shelf in the bottom of the sea
East Uvea PN.PAPA.1B Papa Etre plat, sans bosse
Hawaiian PN.PAPA.1B Papa Flat hard surface
New Zealand Maori PN.PAPA.1B Papa Anything broad, flat and hard; flat rock, slab
Moriori PN.PAPA.1B Papa Foundation. Bottom (of canoe); earth; trail
Marquesas PN.PAPA.1B Papa Flat surface (i). Plate-forme, pont, étage, étagère; assiette, plat (Lch). Platin coralien; flat part of the reef (Atl). Flat, level (Crk).
Nuguria PN.PAPA.1B Papa Flat and hard rock in the sea
Niue PN.PAPA.1B Papa To sit (on the flat ground); floor-mat (made from wide, unsplit pandanus leaves)l solid (with a flat base); to be hit flat, to be hit full square (completely, absolutely, exactly)
Luangiua PN.PAPA.1B Papa Earth (as opposed to sky); flat expanse
Penrhyn PN.PAPA.1B Papa Flat; appeased, subsided; tidy, well combed; to list up; layered coral rocks; flat stone structure...
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.PAPA.1B Paa/papa Base volcanic rock