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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tuvalu PN.MA-RAMA.C Faka/maalama/lama Explain, translate
Tuvalu PN.OMA.1 Oma To clear by jumping; to overflow (of water)
Tuvalu PN.TUSU.B Ma(t)ikao/tusi Index finger
Tuvalu NP.LOMA.1 L/loma Flow freely (as milk from nipple)
Tuvalu PN.WAHA-WAHA Vava mamao = vaavaa mamao Far different
Tuvalu SO.MAAFULU Maafulu To be sleepy, to just wake up. Just woken (Rby).
Tuvalu SO.MAAFULU Maafuu Sleepy, weary Phonologically Irregular
Anuta PN.PALA.3 Mata/para Blind (lit. ulcerated eyes)
Anuta FJ.MATA.3 Mata/tau A line of men in battle formation
Anuta AN.MATAQU.2 Matau Right (side)
Anuta MP.MATA-WAI Matavai Spring source (the spot where a spring comes out of the ground)
Anuta PN.MATE.2 Mate/a Maybe, perhaps, probably
Anuta PN.MATI.1 Mati (Ficus septica)
Anuta PN.MASI-MASI Matimati Dolphin (fish)
Anuta AN.MATUQA.A Matua Husband
Anuta PN.MATUQA.B Matua Important, major, primary; adult; mature, ripe
Anuta XW.MA-TUKU Matuku To disband
Anuta PN.MAA-UNU Maunu To untie a strip of bark-cloth, so that a *popora*-type basket falls from a woman's back
Anuta MP.MAQULI Mauri Soul
Anuta PN.MAQU-QALUGA Maurunga High (in rank)
Anuta PN.MATA.5 Mata/urunga Door, doorway
Tongan PN.MATA.5 Mata/paa Gate, door, or window
East Uvea PN.MATA.5 Mata/paa Porte, entrée
East Uvea PN.MATA.5 Mata/hufaga Entrée, porte, ouverture
East Futuna PN.MATA.5 Mata/paa Ouverture, porte
East Futuna PN.MATA.5 Mata/a ulufaga Entrée (d'un domaine)
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.MATA.5 Mat/hoka Door, doorway
West Uvea PN.MATA.5 Mata/faiaa Porte d'entrée; entrée de la barrière de la chefferie
Takuu PN.MATA.5 Mata- In compounds denoting an opening or entrance
Takuu PN.MATA.5 Mata/tootoka Doorway
Ifira-Mele PN.MATA.5 Mata Door
Emae PN.MATA.5 Mata/feiaa Door
Rennellese PN.MATA.5 Mataa ʔaa Gate, fence opening
Anuta PN.MOSO.2 Mo Cooked, in any manner (baked, roasted, boiled)
Anuta PN.NAMU.1A Na/namu To have an unpleasant odour, to stink; sour, pungent or other disagreeable odour, such as the smell of *ma*, or rotten fish
Anuta SO.NEVE Neve/nga A load carried by a woman by tying it to her back with a strip of barkcloth
Anuta ??.QATAMAI.B Nima atamai Right arm, right hand
Anuta PN.MATA.2B Niu mata Young coconut
Anuta PN.MATUQU.B Niu matuu Mature coconut (before the stage where the liquid congeals to form the *oko*)
Anuta PN.MOTO.2B Niu motomoto Coconut before it has become fully mature and fallen from the tree
Anuta CP.NOQA Noo/kapa A belt made from sennit cord
Anuta PN.PULE.2 Nga(a)/pure Married man
Anuta PN.MO-QI Ngo Prefix indicating that an object has in some way been altered in such a manner as to prepare it for use (e.g. ngo-ika 'piece of cooked fish', ngo-paka 'piece of tobacco ready for smoking') Problematic
Anuta OC.PAA.3A Pa(a) Traditional fishing lure with pearl shell "spoon" and turtle shell or green snail hook; necklace made from same
Anuta AN.KASO.1 Paka/kato Thin transverse supporting strip for roof of house, made from betel nut [sc. betel palm?]
Anuta PN.MANATU Paka/maanatu To remember
Anuta MP.QILO-A Paka/ma/iro/ga Memory; memorial...
Anuta MP.MA-MAFA Paka/mamapa To honor, respect
Anuta PN.FAKA-MAGA Pakamanga To open one's mouth
Anuta MP.MAGU.2 Paka/mangu/mangu To fast Uncertain Semantic Connection