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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Marquesas PN.MATAQU.1 Matóu A fish hook
Marquesas PN.MOHE-GA Ea moe, ing A mat
Marquesas EP.MAKOHE Mukkóhhe The man of war bird, or hawk
Marquesas OC.MAATOLU Mah to toe, mar to toe Coarse, thick
Marquesas PN.LINO Ea, neʔnu, Towʔra Ropemaker
Marquesas NP.NUI.1 Núe(núe) Great, large; many; very
Marquesas NP.OKO.2A E mah, o co Right hand
Marquesas MQ.PAA-LOA.* Paóa A small seine drawn by two persons
Kapingamarangi MP.NAMU.2A Ramu Small flies
East Uvea NP.TAE.2A Tae Ramasser; reunir; quêter
Tokelau NP.TAE.2A Tae Gather up, collect, pick up (of many things)
Marquesas PN.KEHO.1 Pa/káiu A spear made of toa wood
Rarotongan NP.FAKA-PILI ʔAkapiri Make man and wife join, marry; unite
Kapingamarangi NP.FAKA-PILI Haga/a/bili Loincloth; makeshift, to do or tie temporarily, to jerry-rig
Kapingamarangi PN.KOKOLO To/ngoro Gurgling sound made by paddling (attributed to the knob at the end of the paddle) Phonologically Irregular
Mangareva MQ.PESE.2 Peʔe Jeu de ficelle qui consiste en une corde à l'aide de laquelle on s'amuse à faire et à défaire des mailles, des dessins
Marquesas MQ.PESE.2 Páihhe An amusement performed with the fingers and fine thread, analogous but incomparably superior, to the childish amusement called making cradles Uncertain
Marquesas MQ.PO-KURU Kahóu bogú Common cloth made from the bread fruit tree
Marquesas XE.POQO-POQO Popo A small shining shape resembling the Cavally
Marquesas CP.POQOI Po/póe Paste, or pudding, especially made with the fermented breadfruit
Marquesas PN.PATA.1B Poti/poti Tacheté, marqueté, bigarré... Phonologically Irregular
Marquesas PN.PAKOKO.A Hue puó A small gourd from the *rorro* tree of Otaheite (Cucurbita pruriens, Parkinson)
Marquesas MP.PUKU.1A Bugo Any small globular substance (except beads)
Marquesas XO.PUKU-LIMA Boo, e mah Wrist Problematic
Marquesas XO.PUKU-LIMA Puo ííma Phalange, phalangette Problematic
Marquesas XO.PUKU-WAQE Puo vae/vae Cheville des pieds (malléole) Problematic
Marquesas XO.PUKU-LIMA Puo ʔima Poignet, articulation de la main; wrist, hand joint Problematic
Marquesas XO.PUKU-LIMA Púo éma The elbow or wrist
Marquesas PN.PUUPUU.4 Heé pupu Aller plusieurs ensemble, marcher par petits groupes
Mangareva CE.TAPI.1C Tapi/tapi Vider de l'eau, de la nourriture d'un lieu dans un autre; jeter de l'eau avec les deux mains; enlever ses effets d'une maison pour les porter dans une autre; faire venir tous les habitants d'une baie dans une autre. Empty; to exhaust, drain, spend; to take away a thing from a house; to cause all the people in a settlement to come or go (Tgr).
Marquesas OC.TAFA.2 Tà/táhhá To extract splinters of bone out of the flesh; an instrument made with the sharks tooth for the purpose
Marquesas MP.TIO.2 Téyo A small kind of oyster
Marquesas CE.TOLO.4 Ea, toe, e mah A hand net on a hoop
Marquesas EP.TAFUQA To hu, e mah Palm
Marquesas EP.TOPA O ma tee, wo topas Sun set
Marquesas NP.TOLA.1 Toá, toka Érotomanie Problematic
Marquesas NP.TOLA.1 E, Toʔah Mad, crazy Uncertain Semantic Connection
Marquesas PN.TUKE-QI-LIMA Tu ke, e mah Elbow
Marquesas TA.TOOGAA-MIMI Tu me ma Bladder Problematic
Marquesas CE.TUGAANE.* Tunánne A woman's brother
Mangareva CE.TUU-PERE Tupere Râcler l'amande de coco pour en extraire le jus; enlever des parties inégales de la vanille, de la crasse
Tahitian NP.KO-NAA Mai ʔoo na De là (où tu te trouves)
Marquesas MP.QULI.1 Hóuge To steer, a steersman
Marquesas OC.UMA.A (Umo)úma The bosom or chest
Marquesas PN.WALE.2 Eaʔmeaʔ/vie Tame, as fowl or animal
Anuta OC.MARA Maa mei Fermented breadfruit Borrowed
Anuta OC.MARA Ma/maa A type of food made from a number of vegetable substances, buried in large pits where it is fermented to acid, in which condition it can be kept for many years without spoiling
Emae OC.MARA Maa Fermented breadfruit Borrowed
Mangareva OC.MARA Maa Breadfruit or taro preserved by fermentation. Nourriture fermentée à base de fruits à pain ou de taro Borrowed
Marquesas OC.MARA Ma. Maa (Atl). Breadfruit preserved by fermentation. Fruits à pain fermentés et conservés dans un silo, trou en terre ou récipient. Borrowed