Protoform: PUKU.1A [MP] Protuberance, lump, swelling

Description: Protuberance, lump, swelling
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to MP: Malayo-Polynesian

*0 >> XO *puku-lima "elbow", CE *koo-puku
*3 PEO *puku (Gty. 1983).
*4 POC *buku "node (as in bamboo or sugarcane); joint, knuckle; knot in wood, string or rope" (LPO I:85); "mound, knob, joint", poss. also "hill" (II:50).
*5 PMP *buku "node (as in bamboo or sugarcane); joint; knuckle; knot in wood; knot in string or rope" (ACD).
*7 PBN *puku "lump, thick part" (Lvy. 1979). PWMP *buku "node, joint" (Bst.1995).

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Anuta Puku Protuberance (Fbg)
Easter Island Puku Knot; hillock. (Chl)
Fijian Buku Humped, knotted; hip (Cpl)
Hawaiian Puʔu Protuberance, lump, swelling, hill (Pki)
Ifira-Mele Puku Knotty (as wood) (Clk)
Kapingamarangi Bugu Bulge v, joints of fingers and toes (Lbr)
Luangiua Puʔu Swell; full up; protuberance (Smd)
Luangiua Saa/puʔu Simple knot (Smd)
Luangiua Hai/puu vae Swollen ankle and heel (Smd)
Luangiua Pu/puʔu Taro Uncertain Semantic Connection (Smd)
Mangaia Puku/puku To swell up (Chn)
Mangareva Puku Tumeur, protubérance; noeud dans le bois; inégalité dans le terrain; être gonflé. Bosse (du front); lump, bump (Atl). (Rch)
Mangareva Puʔu/puʔu Acné Borrowed (Chf)
Marquesas Puku (MQN), puʔu (MQS) Fruit; noyau de certains fruits; bourgeon, bouton; bosse, protubérance; tumeur, furoncle; pilule. Tumeur, eminence, noeud dans le bois (Dln). (Lch)
Marquesas Puʔo Jointure; rotule Phonologically Irregular (Lch)
Marquesas Puku/puku (MQN), puʔu/puʔu (MQS) Noueux, musclé, muscular [Southeast Marquesan Dialect]. Grumeleux (chaux de corail); lumpy (coral lime). (Chf)
Marquesas Puku/puku ʔakau (MQN) (Bois) noueux; (wood) gnarled [? knotty] (Chf)
Marquesas Toó/puku, toó/puú Furoncle, clou, bouton, tumeur (Dln)
Marquesas Bugo Any small globular substance (except beads) (Crk)
Marquesas Pu gu Pimple (Rbs)
Marquesas Puo Symphyse, jointure, articulation, noeud (bambou, canne à sucre, etc.) Phonologically Irregular (Dln)
Moriori Puku Swelling, knob, bump (Shd)
New Zealand Maori Puku Swelling; stomach (Wms)
Nuguria Puku Swollen (Dvl)
Nuguria Puku/puku Swollen (skin disease); uneven (a table) (Dvl)
Penrhyn Puku Swelling, tumour; swell, become swollen (Sta)
Penrhyn Puku/puku Muscles (Sta)
Pukapuka Puku/puku Round (Bge)
Raʔivavae Piʔu Lump (Zpn)
Rapa Puku Hill; excrescence. Mountain (Grn). (Sks)
Rarotongan Puku Protuberance, lump, swelling, hill (Bse)
Rennellese Puku Knot, as in a tree (Ebt)
Sikaiana Puku Mound; fat of a turtle; stump of a tree branch; to swell from an injury. (Dnr)
Tahitian Puʔu Bosse, enflure, protubérance (Lmt)
Tahitian Puʔu/puʔu Pustule, bouton; pustuleux, boutonneux (Lmt)
Tahitian Puu/puu Rough, uneven, irregular; also agitated, as the sea (Dvs)
Takuu Puku General term for a group, clump or division (Mle)
Takuu Puku/puku Bump, swelling, knot (in wood) or any other rounded protuberance (Mle)
Tokelau Puku To swallow something that is too large (Sma)
Tuamotu Puku Protuberance, lump, swelling, hill (Stn)
Vaeakau-Taumako Puku Be swollen; knot; blister (Hvn)
Waya Buku Knob, node, knot (Ply)
West Futuna M/puku (ANI) Ball (Cpl)
West Futuna Puku Short thing, protuberance (Dty)
West Futuna X/puku To be bitten (by ant); the feeling of a bite (Cpl)
West Uvea Puku Espace entre deux noeuds de bambou/canne à sucre; intervalle entre deux choses; un peu de (Hmn)

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