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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Nukumanu EO.TAFI T/tahi Shake off, brush off
Nukumanu PN.TOO.3 Te/iho (pl. tteiho) Fall; occur, take place Phonologically Irregular
Nukumanu NO.PA-TAKE Patake Shallow, thin (soil)
Nukumanu EC.SOLO.5 Horo ake Drag (net) ashore
Nukumanu PN.LOTO.B Lot/tai Lake
Manihiki-Rakahanga OC.HAKE.B I mua ake Before
Manihiki-Rakahanga CC.SAKE.2 Hau/hiake Intense internal emotion
West Futuna PN.FAKA-TUQU Fakatu/ria To stand something upright, plant upright in the ground, make vertical. To build [Aniwa Dialect].
Tongan XW.SUU.3 Huu To sue for mercy, apologize and ask for pardon; make supplication; pray, worship
Nukumanu EO.SULA Hura (pl. hhura) Appear; take place
Nukumanu PN.PALE.1B Pare ake Second
Sikaiana PN.PISI.3 Ka/pihi Make a crashing sound, have an impact, strike
Tokelau PN.AGO.2 Ago Chalk-line: the charcoal-soaked string used for marking logs in canoe-building...; the line marked by the chalk-line; mark a log with the chalk-line; to line something up or judge distance with the eye; observe and study
Tokelau PN.FAKA-LELE Fakalele Make something fly; (of birds) release, let go
Tokelau PN.FAKA-QALI Fakaali Show; make known, reveal; inform; confess, tell frankly; express
Tokelau NP.FANAKE.* Fanake Come up; come (in the direction of speaker); increase, grow bigger; come ashore, come towards land; come inland (from the sea) (singular)
Tokelau PN.FUA.1A Fua Weigh; measure; take reading of (body temperature); aim at; scale, measurement
Tokelau MP.GALU.1 Galu Wave, breaker, billow, surge; (of sea) be rough
Tokelau PN.GAQESE Gahee Make or cause a rustling or crackling sound
Tokelau OC.GATA.1A Gata Snake
Tokelau OC.GUU.1 Gu/guu Hum, make an inarticulate sound (indicating indecision or noncommittal)
Tokelau MP.KILA.2 Kikila Look, see; take care of, supervise; behold! listen!
Tokelau PN.LAAKEI Laakei Wear, put on (clothes); clothes, costume
Tokelau PN.LIGO-LIGO Ligoligo Insect which makes a soft, high pitched sound, especially in the evening (probably cricket)
Tokelau OC.LUU.3 Luu Shake
Tokelau PN.LUE.1 Lue(lue) Shake; swing, sway; nod (the head)
Tokelau AN.MAI.A Mai Post-verbal directional particle denoting a literal or figurative movement in the direction of the speaker
Rapa PN.MAQU-.2 Mao/ake East wind
Tokelau PN.MULU.1 Mu/mulu Wipe (one's face) with hands (The involuntary action of clearing one's eyes when one wakes from sleep)
Waya FJ.QARA (Y)adra Wake up; awake; good morning!
Waya OC.AKU (Y)aku Take something in the fingers, as in eating fish or chicken...; take without asking
Tokelau PN.PAKEE Pakee Hit; tap, rap (of noise); make a noise
Tokelau PN.SAKE.3 Hake (of an outrigger canoe on the sea) Overturn, heel over
Tokelau OC.SIKA.2 Hika Make a fire by rubbing the kaunatu or pointed stick to and fro on the hikaaga or piece of dry soft wood
Waya OC.FITA.1 (Y)a/vita Make a housewall by lashing reeds; reeds lashed in wall of house
Tokelau NP.TAKELE.B Takele Bottom (of the sea)
Tokelau OC.TALAI (Tala)talai Chip, adze, cut; make something out of wood by hewing and chipping with an adze
Tokelau EO.TAQO.1 Tao Roast in an oven, bake
Tokelau PN.TOQO.1 Too Make something come loose from its place (pull out nail, cut out back portion of skipjack)
Tokelau PN.TUQU-GA.1 Tuuga/a/koho Place where the coconut-husking stake is pitched
Tokelau PN.TULI.3 Tuli Pursue, chase (in order to catch); expel, dismiss, drive out; send (someone on an errand); take a run (in cricket)
Tokelau PN.TINO.C Tino mai To be fulfilled, come true, take shape
Tikopia PN.TINO.C Tino Take body of, give body to
Pukapuka PN.FAKA-QETEQETE Wakaete To get out of the way to make room
Tokelau OC.FOA.A Foa Make, carve or shape something out of rock, coral, etc. Uncertain Semantic Connection
Pukapuka EO.SAQALO Yalu Scrape pandanus leaves with shell to make them smooth Phonologically Irregular
West Futuna NP.WILI.3 Viri (pl. h/viri) To awaken. Sortir du sommeil, ouvrir les yeux (Rve).
West Futuna NP.WILI.3 Viri/viri To be startled; to shimmer, shiver, shake. Paludisme (trembler); secousse, tremblement qu'on sent et qu'on entend pas (Rve).
Ifira-Mele NP.WILI.3 Viri/kake Start or jump with surprise or fright
Nukumanu SO.KAU-MAI Koumai Send/give to speaker Phonologically Irregular