#22: Holding.

Reconstruction Description
AA-RAU Gather, lay hold of, entangle
ALA Touch, take in hand
APU.A Seize, take, gather
FAKI Pick, pluck (especially fruit)
FESU Hold fast, capture
FOTA.1A Squeeze
FUA.6 Gather leaves, especially for thatching
KAPO.1 Catch, grasp
KATO.2 Pick, pluck, cut off (leaves or flowers)
KINI.1 Nip, pinch
KOTO.2 Break off, pluck (as leaves)
KUKU.1A Grasp, hold in the hand
KUMI.3A Squeeze in the hand, grasp
KUMI.3B Strangle
KUMU.1* Express, wring out; clench fist
KUPU-TI Embrace, put arms around
LAKU.2 Touch, handle, meddle with
LAWE.2B Take, lay hold of
MA-FAKI Broken off, plucked, as fruit
PIKI.1A Grip, cling to, stick to
POKI.1 Cover over, catch in cupped hands
POO-KIA Seized, pounced on, grabbed
POO-POO.A To pat with the hands
POO.2 Cover, catch or strike with cupped hand
PUKE.3 Seize, grasp
PULU.7 Hold
QUMO Pinch
RASU Seize, snatch, meddle with
SAMU-TI.1 Snatch
SAPO Take in the hand; catch something in flight
SEKI Grab, snatch, pull out, jerk
SIKO Catch, lay hold of
SOPU.1 Seize
TAA-PIRI Join together, stick together
TAA-TARI Squeeze out, strain
TAAQOFI Hold back, restrain
TAGO.A Touch, take hold of
TAGO.B Grope, feel for; fish for octopus etc.; go about at night
TAPAKI Take roughly, seize
TATAU.3 Wring out, squeeze out, express (Rby)
TOKO.1C Support, prop up; help, assist
TOLI.1 Pick, gather (tree fruits)
TUKU.C Let go, release; give; allow, permit

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