#61.1: Oral Nasal Respiratory.

Reconstruction Description
AHO Breath
FAATELO Stick out the tongue
FAGO Blow or speak through nose
FAGU.2 Breathe, blow through nose
FAKA-EA Draw breath, rest
FAKA-MAGA Open mouth or other orifice
FAQAPUKU Hold something in the mouth
FATA.2 Gape; gap
FEGU Blow nose, snort
FOLO Swallow, ingest
FOTA.1B Gasp for breath
FOTU.2 Sob: *(f,s)otu
GAA.1 Breathe, pant
GAE.A Out of breath; gasp, pant, wheeze: *ga(q)(ei)-(-ga(q)(ei))
GALI.1 Nibble, gnaw
GALU.2 Obstruction in breathing : *ga(a)lu(lu)
GAQI-GAQI Out of breath
GASE-GASE Weak, feeble, ill
GASU.1 Bite
GETI.1 Remove with teeth
GOLO Snore-like noise
HOO Pant
IFI.1 Blow
IRI-FIA.1 Fan (v), blow (on), be blown on
IRI.B To fan, to blow
KAMI.1 Open and shut mouth, gills
KATI Bite, nip
KISA Pant, gasp
KISU Spit out, spray out from mouth
KOMI Close the jaws on
KUMU.2 Rinse the mouth; hold liquid in mouth
KUSA Respiratory irregularity
LAQOA To be choked
LEIA Choke
LEKA.3 Belch, regurgitate
LONA Hiccups, have hiccups; to choke: *lo(o)na(a)
LUA-KI Vomit
LUA.2 Vomit
MAANAWA.1 Breath, breathe
MAFETUA.* Sneeze
MALE Cough
MAMA.5 Yawn, open mouth: *(faka-)mama
MAMAO.* Yawn
MAMAWA Yawn (Clk)
MAPU Whistle, breathe hard
MITI.3A Suck, lick up
NAPE.B Slip (of the tongue), action with tongue
PA-GUGU Bite on something hard

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