#36: Other Manipulations.

Reconstruction Description
AO.1 Scoop up, gather together
FAA-ITE.A Place side by side
FAKA-AGI To make a breeze; to expose to wind; enjoy the breeze, take the air: *faka-agi(agi)
FAKA-FULA Inflate, cause to swell up; bladder, belly: *faka-(fu)fula
FAKA-HAGA To cause to face in a particular direction; hold a baby in position to urinate or defecate
FAKA-KAKAI Sharpen: *faka-(ka)kai
FAKA-KOI Sharpen
FAKA-LAQAA Expose (oneself) to sun
FAKA-LAWA Place across, transverse (Rby)
FAKA-LELE Allow to go free; cause to run; let go
FAKA-MATA.1 Sharpen
FAKA-MATUQU Make dry: *faka-matuqu(tuqu)
FAKA-PAPA.A Pile in layers; arrange or recite in order
FAKA-PILI Bring close together, stay close to; attach, join, put together
FAKA-PUI Cover, shut off
FAKA-PULU-PULU Wrap, enfold, cover (a person)
FAKA-QOPO Join to, put together: *faka-qopo(qopo)
FAKA-RIKI Make small, make into small pieces
FAKA-TOO.A Cause to fall, drop; lay (egg)
FAKA-WAQE Lay the foundation
FIRO.1 Mix, mingle
GATU.3 Crush, mash
HAUPULU Use coconut husk fibre (for padding or caulking)
HII-KARO Extract, gouge out: (f,s)iikaro
HIRI.1 To dye with dye obtained from bark: *(f, s)iri
IKI Undo, dismantle, disentangle
IRI-FIA.1 Fan (v), blow (on), be blown on
IRI.B To fan, to blow
KAA-FIRO Mix, plait different things together
KAANONI Mix by adding something, compounding
KALO.3 Pick something out of a hole, excavate, dig out
KALO.4 Stir
KAPE.2 Take out, pick out
KOFI Gather, collect
KOO-PANA Force something out with an instrument, as meat from a coconut
KUKU.1B Draw together, bunch things together, ruck up
LAPU Knead to a pulp
LAQU.1 To get by hooking (as a fish), pinching between fingers
LAWE.2A Be caught, snagged (as fish on hook, hook on snag)
LOLO-QI.B Coconut cream; food prepared with coconut cream
LUKU.A Gather, hold several things together
MA-GUGU Crunch, crush: *ma(a)gugu
MA-SUE Rooted up
MIRI Embalm a corpse
NANE Knead, mix
NAPE.A Hitch, tuck, catch
NATU.1 Knead, mix with water
NINI.3 Smear, daub, rub on
NUMI.1 Fold, crumple, crease
NUNU Rub, grate, strain (action in preparation of turmeric or arrowroot)

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