#51: Emotions.

Reconstruction Description
MAKAU.2 Be hostile (Rby)
MALA-QIA Unfortunate, ill-fated
MALA.3 Disaster, misfortune
MALOAQA Uncomfortable, unhappy
MAMAE.2 Be concerned about a treasured possession
MAMANA To be in love
MANATAA Troubled, worried, annoyed
MANAWA-NUI Patience, fortitude, courage
MANINI.2 Pleasant, agreeable
MANUU Good fortune (Clk)
MANUU-QIA Successful, fortunate
MASALO.B Be astonished at, admire
MATAKU To be afraid, fear
MATE.1C Feel strong desire or need
MAUMAU.2 Unfortunate
MAURU Content, pleased
MELE.1 Reject; defective
MEO Discontented, dissatisfied
NANO Annoyed; annoying
NAPA Ashamed
NAPAQA Misfortune, bad luck
NAQA.1 Become quiet (of a crying child); pacified
NAWE Delightful, pleasurable (of taste, sensation)
OFO.A To wake up (early or suddenly), regain consciousness
OFO.B Be surprised, amazed, startled; greet someone who has just appeared
PAASI Tired of, bored with
PAI.1 Good
PANA.2 Accustomed, used to
PEKA-PEKA.2 Trouble, troubled, perplexed
PELE.1 Beloved
POKA.3 Wake up with a start
PUROTU Beautiful, handsome
QAAWAGA.B Succubus, erotic dream; infatuation, obsession
QAMU-TIA Envied, fit to be
QAROFA.A Love, pity, compassion
QETE.* Disgusted by, disgusting
QIGO.1 Discontented
QII.1 Afraid, uneasy
QITA Anger, angry
SAAFEA Suffer certain misfortunes (Rby)
SAE.2 Jealousy, intense grief, intense suffering; rage, fury: *sa(q)e
SAFE.1 Be fortunate, successful in an enterprise; to obtain
SAI Good
SAQA.1 Wrong, bad, inconvenient; taboo
SELE.3 Beloved, prized
SOPO.D Frightened, startled
SORU To be disturbed (of emotions, of water)
SOSAQA Weary of, sick of, fed up with
SOSO.1 Restless, troubled, insane

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