Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
FAKA-MAQU Attach, make fast
FAKA-MASARA Remember, call to mind
FAKA-MATA.1 Sharpen
FAKA-MATE Kill, put to death
FAKA-MATUQU Make dry: *faka-matuqu(tuqu)
FAKA-MAU Persist
FAKA-MAUMAU Waste, spoil
FAKA-MAWEUWEU Cause confusion, throw into disorder
FAKA-MELE Disparage, defame
FAKA-MORI To offer, present
FAKA-NOA Refuse to listen or speak, take no interest
FAKA-NOFO Install, appoint (to an office or position); give in marriage
FAKA-OLO Move along smoothly, to do gradually or one by one
FAKA-PAPA.A Pile in layers; arrange or recite in order
FAKA-PAPA.B Genealogy, family tree
FAKA-PEKE Fold or contract body
FAKA-PELEPELE Treat with special care
FAKA-PEQE Allow breadfruit to become over-ripe and soft
FAKA-PILI Bring close together, stay close to; attach, join, put together
FAKA-POI Feint, make threatening gesture
FU FAKA-POI-POI Show respectful or deferential behaviour
FAKA-PUI Cover, shut off
NO FAKA-PULU Pay attention, be careful, focus on task
FAKA-PULU-PULU Wrap, enfold, cover (a person)
FAKA-QAFU-MATE A month name (probably in late summer)
FAKA-QAFU-OLA A month name (probably late summer): *fakaqafu(h,q)ola
FAKA-QAFU.1 Prepare oven for lighting
FAKA-QAFU.2 A star and month name (probably late summer)
FAKA-QALI Show, reveal, disclose, expose
FAKA-QAROFA Pitiable, poor, unfortunate; to feel pity, feel sorry for
FAKA-QATA.A Look steadily or closely at; look at one's reflection
FAKA-QATA.B Reflection, mirror
FAKA-QATA.C Create an image or appearance
FAKA-QATU.A Arrange in row or line
FAKA-QATU.B Think about, be concerned with, worried about
FAKA-QETEQETE Act with caution
FAKA-QILO Inform, announce
FAKA-QILO-GA Mark, sign; to mark, distinguish by a mark
FAKA-QITA Bare the teeth, grimace (Clk): *fa(k)a-qita
FAKA-QOPO Join to, put together: *faka-qopo(qopo)
FAKA-QOTI.A Finish, complete, put an end to
FAKA-QOTI.B End (of a period of time), last (in a series)
FAKA-QOTI.C Completely, exhaustively, thoroughly (post-verbal)
FAKA-QUGA-QUGA Make small notches in carving
FAKA-QUTA Consider, reflect on
FAKA-RAU To make a hundred; to increase in number, multiply (vt)

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