Kapingamarangi entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
AN.FILI.1 Hili Choose, select (Lbr)
MP.FIRI.1 Hili Lash (Lbr)
NP.FILOA Hiiloo Fish sp. (Lbr)
NP.FILOA Hiroa Fish sp. with a long nose (Ebt)
MP.FITI.1A Hidi Leap v. (Lbr)
NP.FITI.1B Hiti Climb from one height to another, as from tree to tree (Ebt)
AN.FITU Hidu Seven (Lbr)
NP.FOQAGA.* Hooanga Pumice stone (found as driftwood) (Lbr)
MP.FOHE Hoe Paddle (Lbr)
PN.FOHU Hou Bowdrill (Lbr)
PN.FOKI.2 Hoki Also, too, indeed (Ebt)
AN.FOLAU Holau Disappear by leaving in a canoe (Lbr)
PN.FORE Hore Peel, unwrap (Lbr)
PN.FOLO Holo Swallow (Lbr)
AN.FONU.1 Honu Filled, fill v. (Lbr)
AN.FONU.2 Hono Green sea-turtle (Lbr)
EO.FOTA.3 Hodo To gouge (Lbr)
MP.FOTU.1 Hodu Appear unexpectedly (Lbr)
AN.FOQOU Hou New, fresh (Ebt)
AN.FOQOU Hoou New (Lbr)
PN.FUU.1A Hu Slip out, fall out; bang, plop (said if an object has fallen) (Lbr)
PN.FUA.1A Hua Supervise (Lbr)
AN.FUA.3A Hua Fruit of (Lbr)
EC.FUA.3B Hua Scrotum (Lbr)
PN.FUA.3D Fua Intestine of Tridacna clam (Lbr)
PN.FUA.5A Hua Only, thats all (Lbr)
FU.FUA-QEFA Hhaeha Big catch (fish), to get lots (things) (Lbr)
PN.FUAFUA.3 Hu/oua Young mullet (Lbr)
SO.FUA-QI-TINO Huaidina Body; waist (Lbr)
OC.FUE.1A Hue Ipomoea alba (Lbr)
MP.FUQI Hui To immerse in water (Lbr)
MP.FUKE.A Huge Open, as earth oven (Lbr)
OC.FULE.A Hule/i To uncover, open up (Lbr)
NO.FULO Hula Go (pl.) (Lbr)
PN.FULE.B Hure/i Push back the foreskin (Ebt)
MP.FULI.1 Huli Turn, twist, change (Lbr)
MP.FULU.1 Hulu Hair (Lbr)
CC.FUNA.3 Huna/huna Obliterate, erase, smash (Lbr)
PN.FUNE.1 Huna Breadfruit core (Lbr)
KN.FUTAA Hudaa Group of things approaching together (e.g. a fleet of canoes) (Lbr)
AN.FUTI.1 Hudi Pull v. (Lbr)
AN.FUTI.2 Hudi Musa paradisiaca and musa nana . (Recent introductions, according to Emory 1965.) (Lbr)
OC.-GA -nga Gerundive suffix (Lbr)
PN.GAHE-GAHE Haga/ngaengae Dying, almost dead (Lbr)
PN.GAAKAU Ngaagau Rectum (Lbr)
PN.GAAKAU Ngakau Stomach (Ray)
EC.GA-AKE Ngaaga South, southerly (from the islets); northward with respect to the reef from near the channel (Lbr)
PN.GAKO Ngogo Brain, egg (Lbr)
PN.GALI.1 N/ngali/ To eat by repetitive small bites (Lbr)
OC.GALO.1 Ngara Lose, disappear, lost, forgotten (Ebt)

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