Penrhyn entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
CE.RAUKA Rauka Be able; get, receive; have; be found (Yda)
PN.LAULAU Raurau Rough basket made of coconut frond for carrying and/or containing foods (Sta)
PN.LAA-TOU Raatou Third person plural independent pronoun (Sta)
EO.LAWA.1A Rava Enough, sufficient, abundant (Sta)
PN.LAWE.2B Rave Take, have, adopt, prepare; catch (n) (Sta)
MP.REFU.1 Rehu Ash (Sta)
PN.REGA-REGA Rengarenga Yellow (Sta)
CE.REIRA Reira Referring to the time or place or situation already mentioned: that, there, thus (Sta)
NP.LEKA.1 Reka Pleasant; nice, good, enjoyable, tasteful, interesting (Sta)
NP.LEKE.2 Reke Shank knob of fishhook (Sta)
OC.LELE.A Rere Fly, skip, swing (Sta)
CE.REREIOGA Reireiono Banded trevally (Gnathanodon speciosus) (Sta)
TA.REMU.2 Remu Moss, seaweed; kind of edible seaweed which is sometimes eaten (Sta)
OC.LEQO.1 Reo Voice, language (Sta)
PN.LEPE Repe To tear, cut open (Sta)
PN.LEPE Ngaa/reperepe/ Torn or shredded (Rmn)
EP.REPE Repe Cockscomb, crest; wattle, dewlap (Sta)
EP.REPO Repo Dirt, filth; soil; excrement, feces; to be dirty; to evacuate (Sta)
FJ.LEU Reu Maturation stage of coconut... (Sta)
TA.PAA-REU Paareu Kilt, dancing skirt, pareu; to wear a pareu (Sta)
NP.LEWA.1 Reva Float; sky, air; weather (Sta)
EP.REWA.1A Reva Depart (by ship or plane), leave; travel (Sta)
EP.REWA.1B Reva Flag (Sta)
FJ.LII.2 Rii Tie something around something; handerchief (Sta)
MP.LIFA.1 Rihariha Be afraid of (Sta)
OC.LIGI Ringi Pour (Sta)
OC.LIGI Ri/ringi Pour out (Sta)
AN.LIHA Ria Louse larva (Sta)
FJ.LIKA Rika/rika Be afraid of; frightening, frightened, terrible, horrible (Sta)
AN.RIKI Riki/riki Small (Sta)
PN.LILI.1 Riri Become angry (Sta)
PN.LILO Riro Disappear; die, pass away (Sta)
EP.RIRO Riro Become, take (sic); happen, come about (Sta)
AN.LIMA.A Rima Five (Sta)
MP.LIMA.B Rima Hand-arm (Sta)
PN.LITO.2 Rito Central unexpanded coconut frond; fibre/string made from the outer skin of the leaflets of this (Sta)
PN.LIU.1 Riu Bilge-water; bilge of canoe (Sta)
OC.LOO Ro/a Ant (Sta)
OC.LOA.1 Roa Long, tall (Sta)
NP.LOA.2 Roa Quite, very, immediately (Sta)
CE.ROFEROFE Roherohe Insect larva, mosquito larva (Sta)
AN.ROGO.1A Rongo Hear (Sta)
AN.ROGO.1B Rongo Fame (Sta)
CE.ROGO.2 Rongo/nui 29th night of the lunar month (Sta)
PN.LOHOLOHO Rooroo Dry flower stems of the coconut (Bck)
PN.LOHU Rou Pick or pluck with a stick; gaff, picking stick (Sta)
PN.LOQI Roi Sea bass (Cephalopolis argus) (Sta)
AN.LOQI-MATA Roi mata Tears (Sta)
CE.ROKI Rohi, roki Bed Phonologically Irregular (Sta)
TA.RORE Rore Stilts; to sway legs in dancing (Sta)

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