Pukapuka entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.MA-MATE.2 Mamate Die (plural) (Sby)
MP.MAMI Momi Taste, savour (Sby)
CE.MAMO.1 Momo Matrilineage within larger matrilineage grouping Problematic (Bge)
OC.MANA.1 Mana/mana Magical power supernatural force. (Sby)
OC.MANA.2 Mana Thunder (Sby)
CE.MANAFUNE Manawune A legendary character, one of two brothers from Tonga (Bge:379) Problematic (Bge)
PN.MANAKO Manako To like, desire; think, intend (Bge)
PN.MANATU Manatu Think of, intend to; idea, intention, thought (Bge)
PN.MANATU Maanatu/aa Be jealous, envious Problematic (Sby)
MP.MANAWA.1 Manava Abdomen, belly, stomach (Bge)
MP.MANAWA.1 Watu/manava/ Heart (Bge)
AN.MAANAWA.1 Maanava Long-winded, good at holding breath under water (Bge)
AN.MAANAWA.1 Waka/manava/ To rest, breathe (Bge)
PN.MANEQA Maanea Perform preliminaries to sex act (Bge)
PN.MANEQA Maanea/nea To play (Bge)
PN.MANEGA Maanenga Steephead Parrotfish (Scarus microrhinos) (Sby)
PN.MANIA.1 Mania Orgasm (Mta)
NP.MAANIFI Paaniwi Sweeper (Pempheris oualensis) Problematic (Bge)
RO.MANINI.1 Manini (Acanthurus triostegus) (Hpr)
NP.MANINO.* Manino Calm, quiet (of wind, sea) (Bge)
PN.MANO Mano Thousand (Bge)
AN.MANU.1A Manu Bird, animal, creature (Bge)
PN.MANUU-QIA Manuia Fortunate, lucky (Sby)
OC.MANUKA.1 Maanuka A scar (Bge)
PN.MANU-LELE Manu lele Bird (Bge)
NP.MANU-MANU Manumanu Insect (Bge)
CE.MANUNU.2 Maanuunuu Cartilage between bones or in nose Problematic (Sby)
PN.MAO.1 Mao Leave off raining, finish defecating, desist (Bge)
AN.MAQOHA Maaoa Well cooked (Sby)
PN.MAQONI.* Maaonioni Skilful and industrious at work (of a woman) (Bge)
PN.MA-QOPO Maopo Neatly gathered together, tidily collected in a pile (Bge)
OC.MAQOTA Maota Name of a woman in past (ref. to foreign tree?) Problematic (Sby)
PN.MAPU Waka/mapu/i To belch (Bge)
PN.MAA-PUNA Mapuna Flow, spout (Bge)
PN.MAA-PUNA Mapuna To waft (of fragrance) (Sby)
MP.MASA.1 Mamaya Soft (of preserved nuts) Problematic (Bge)
MP.MASA.1 Maya Calm (of sea), resolved, calmed down Problematic (Sby)
PN.MAA-SAGA Vaayanga Twins Problematic (Sby)
FJ.MASAKI-TAGA Maayakitanga Sacred maid, usually a chief's daughter or kinswoman (Sby)
TA.MASARA Mayala Think of, remember (Bge)
PN.MA-SANI Maayani Regular, accustomed to (Sby)
PN.MA-SANI Waka/maayani/ Become accustomed to (Bge)
AN.MASI.1 Yami A dish made of decayed coconut (Bge)
PN.MAASINA Maaina, maayina (arch.) Moon (Bge)
EO.MASUI Maayui Left (not right) (Mta)
AN.MATA.1A Mata Eye (Bge)
OC.MATA.1B Mata Mesh of net (Bge)
EO.MATA.1C Mata Point, tip (Bge)
PN.MATA.1D Mata Point, end of island (Sby)
PN.MATA.1E Mata/(mata) Examine, inspect (Bge)

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