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Protoform Item Description Source
NP.KOPI-TI K/kopi Warped, bent by humidity or heat Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dnr)
SO.TAFA.1B Taha To the side, away (loc) (Dnr)
PN.MILI Mili To hold; drill, to drill; spinning top (Dnr)
PN.MILI Mili/a To be spoiled through constant touching, as when a child plays too roughly with a kitten (Dnr)
PN.MILI M/mili To turn, twist (vt) (Dnr)
NO.KINA.4 Kiona Place, area, (one's) home Phonologically Irregular (Dnr)
PN.MA-NEKE Maneke Stative of neke 'move from one place to another' (Dnr)
OC.PENU.A Penu/penu Brideprice payment [gift exchange between families] Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dnr)
XO.PIGI-PIGI Pinipini A tree sp. used for making canoes (Calophyllum?) (Dnr)
NO.NAPA Napa Embarrassed, ashamed (Dnr)
NO.A-LAA A laa Other; some other (Dnr)
EC.KAMAI Kamai (Elegatis bipinnulatus) (Hwd)
NP.KAMO.2 K/kamo To steal (figurative) (Dnr)
NO.KA-PISI Kapihi To make a crashing sound, have an impact, strike; used to signal that something dramatic is about to happen in narrative (Dnr)
NP.LAGA.1B L/lana To float in water (Dnr)
SO.LIKO.4 L/liko To expel, send away, chase away, disinherit (Dnr)
SO.MASAGI Maahani To rise up, stand up (Dnr)
SO.KAI-MAALIE Kaimalie To give generously to another, used especially for children who share food (Dnr)
PN.KAMO.1 K/kamo To press down one's finger, as pressing down on a fly (Dnr)
PN.TAMA.1C Tama Person, human being (Dnr)
PN.MA.3 Ma Preposition of separation: from (Dnr)
NP.TAATAI.1 Taatai The string used to hang bottles (Dnr)
FJ.NOKO.1A Si/noko To show one's buttocks, as an insult (Dnr)
NO.ISE.2 Ise To drive away chickens or other small animals from inhabited areas (Dnr)
NP.KAKE-GA Kaakena A ladder; the holes cut in the side of coconut trees to make them easier to climb; a stretcher for carrying a person (Dnr)
SO.KANO-KANO Kanokano A wasp (Dnr)
PN.KAPI.B Kapi The harnesses of the back‑strap loom {mea tau} used to hold the strands of material taut (Dnr)
AN.KATI Kati/kati To cut a coconut (taume) into pieces in order to start a fire; to nibble (Dnr)
SO.GETI.1 K/keti To remove the husk of a coconut with the teeth, as a rat or small child does Problematic (Dnr)
PN.KIA.1A Ki A conjunction showing that there is purpose; tense-aspect marker showing purpose or compulsion (Dnr)
NO.KUNU Kunu A species of oyster, popular food on Sikaiana (Dnr)
AN.KULO Kulo A multi‑purpose basket made of coconut leaf {paakele} that can be used as a hat or for carrying food (Dnr)
CP.QUMITI (Kili)umiti To be hungry for fish or some meat (Dnr)
SO.MAQAA Maa Same-generation in‑laws (everyone spouse calls taina or kave; anyone who is a married to a taina or kave). (a respect relationship). Some speakers generalize this term to include all in‑laws, regardless of generation. (Dnr)
PN.MAEA.1 Maea Very heavy rope (Dnr)
SO.MAAVAVA.* Maaoa To yawn Phonologically Irregular (Dnr)
EC.MA-FAGA Mahana To be pulled out; to be separated in time or distance (Dnr)
CP.MATA-QI-TALIGA Mumutalina Hammerhead shark Phonologically Irregular (Dnr)
PN.MANATU Maanatu To think back, to remember (Dnr)
AN.MA-NIFI Maanihi To be thin, of flat objects (Dnr)
AN.MANU.1A Manu Generic term for any animal of the air or on land, including large insects; generic term for all birds. (Dnr)
PN.POKO.2 P/poko To have thin thighs and legs, of women (demeaning) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dnr)
EO.MA-LAMA Malama The moon; a month (Dnr)
PN.MA-RAMA.B Malaama/na The world, the universe, the cosmos Phonologically Irregular (Dnr)
PN.MA-LAGA.1 Marana To be pried up; to be peeling (as paint peels) (Dnr)
MP.MALU.A Malu To be shaded, of an area protected from the sun and rain (Dnr)
XO.MA-SIKE Masike/sike To fidget, be disturbed, be unable to sit still Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dnr)
CP.MA-MATA Mmata Look, examine, inspect (Dnr)
PN.MATA-FENUA Mata henua The point or tip of the island, promontory (Dnr)
NO.MATA-PUKU Matapuku Fish sp., trevally [largest growth stage] (Dnr)

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