Sikaiana entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
MP.POA.1 P/poa To smell of fish (Dnr)
PN.POLA-POLA Polapola Small temporary basket made from coconut leaf {paakele} (Dnr)
XO.IKA-TAPU Ika tapu Fish sp., a blue colored trevally (Dnr)
PN.FUAFUA.3 Huahua Fish sp. (Dnr)
PN.TANU-TANU Tanutanu Fish species that buries itself under sand (Dnr)
PN.USU.3 Isu Hurt, be in pain, be sore Phonologically Irregular (Dnr)
AN.FAQA.1 Haa/haa Swamp taro (Colocasia antiquorum) (Dnr)
SO.TUPU.D Tupu To emerge, change into (of animate beings) (Dnr)
SO.TUPU.D Tupu/tupu Physical likeness, resemblance, appearance; manner, character, personality (Dnr)
PN.MAALOOLOO.B Haka/malooloo To take a rest, to take a vacation, a holiday (Dnr)
NP.TEE-LAA Te laa The other; which, who (Dnr)
PN.MA-ILI Mailiili To be a soft breeze; of an area, to have a soft breeze (Dnr)
MP.NAMO Namo The area inside the reef; the lagoon (moana) and surrounding shallow area (Dnr)
AN.RANO Lano, llano (Tide) come in Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dnr)
PN.NENE Nnee A gasp, moan, or sob, either of sorrow or pleasure (Dnr)
NP.PEE-LAA Pee laa Like that (Dnr)
EP.RORO.1 Upu/llo The brain organ (Dnr)
AN.FUGA.3 Puna The frond or blossom of a cutnut tree (tukuhala) Phonologically Irregular (Dnr)
SO.TEQE-AI Heai No (declarative statement); to be no, nothing (Dnr)
SO.SIKI.1B S/siki A traditional midwife who supervised the mother during her pregnancy and childbirth (Dnr)
SO.KAVEI Kaavei The tentacles of an octopus (Dnr)
EO.NOO-GIA Kai/nono To beg for food, goods or money (usually demeaning) (Dnr)
PN.FAANAU.A Haanau Siblings of the same sex, including real and classificatory siblings; same generation, same sex, lineal and collateral relatives (Dnr)
NP.FAANAU.B Haanau To bear a child, to give birth; to be born (Dnr)
SO.QAAUGA Aauna Gestures, action, movement, in speech or action; the action or movement of a dance (Dnr)
SO.KAPUTI Kaputi Buds of a shoot {kauloloa} of a coconut tree (Dnr)
SO.KAU-LAMA Kaulama A branch of dried coconut leaves (Dnr)
SO.FAKA-FUA Hakahua A small wave (Dnr)
NO.FAKA-PULU Hakapulu/pulu To do in a manner that conserves’ [miti hakapulupulu ‘smoke slowly to conserve tobacco’] (Dnr)
PN.FAKA-SOA Hakasoa To mix two liquids together in order to dilute one liquid [hakasoa te kaleve, ‘to mix fermented coconut sap with freshly cut coconut sap’, a part of the fermentation process] (Dnr)
PN.SUQA.A Sua To mix foods with coconut cream (Dnr)
XO.KUTU.2 K/kutu To collect, bring together; to come together, of people’ (Dnr)
NO.TAA.6 Taa To turn direction in a canoe (Dnr)
SO.TATA.2 Tata To jerk a line, as in jerking a trap (Dnr)
NP.TAU-AMA Tau ama A rope on the outrigger canoe that runs from the mast to the boom and then back to the stern of the canoe (Dnr)
SO.TAU-TALI Tautali Follow another, walk behind (Dnr)
NO.PA-TAKE Paa taketake To be shallow (of water) (Dnr)
XO.ISU.2 Isu Hurt, be in pain, be sore (Dnr)
XO.POSU Posu To be full of food, satiated (Dnr)
SO.SEPE S/sepe To cut thinly to make something even, as when joining two pieces of wood or cutting a shoot of a coconut tree to collect coconut sap (Dnr)
NO.SUGU Sunu To smell something (Dnr)
PN.QARA-FIA Alahia To keep oneself awake (Dnr)
MP.MAMA.2 Maamaa To chew Phonologically Irregular (Dnr)
NO.TUU-KAFA Tuukaha Fibres of coconut husk that is used for making string after they have been placed in salt water for several months (Dnr)
XO.FITI.1C Hiti uka To hold one’s body tense so that the veins stick out, as some small children do when they are straining their muscles (Dnr)
OC.QALAWA Alava Shark sp., very large and man-eating (Dnr)
SO.KAU-MAI Kaumai Send towards speaker (Dnr)
SO.KAV-ATU Kauatu Send between two people (Dnr)
SO.KAV-AKE Kauake Give away (Dnr)
SO.UFU.2 Uhu Pull out, separate out; depart, leave (Dnr)

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