Sikaiana entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.MATAQU.1 Maatau A fish hook (archaic); to fish with a hand held line (Dnr)
AN.MATE.1A Mate To die, to be dead; to fall into a deep sleep after a tiring experience of drinking; to be extinguished or to have lost power... (Dnr)
AN.MATUQA.A Matua Ripe, of fruits and vegetables; mature, of humans (Dnr)
AN.MATUQA.C Maatua Parents (Dnr)
PN.MAATUQA Maatua genetic parents, classifactory parents; 1st ascending generation lineal and collateral relatives. (Dnr)
CO.MAUA-KENA.* Mouakena Bird sp., seagull (Dnr)
PN.MELE.1 M/mele Injured, damaged, cut, dented (Dnr)
NO.MOSI Mosi/a To be pulled apart, shredded (Dnr)
PN.GAQA Naa Fish sp., 'buma' [horse mackerel, Caranx crumenophthalmus] (Dnr)
PN.NAO L/lao To feel something without looking at it; put finger down throat to induce vomiting Phonologically Irregular (Dnr)
PN.GATAQA Nataa/taa To make an effort, to engage oneself in some activity (Dnr)
CP.NOQA N/noo (pass. noo/tia) To tie a knot (Dnr)
AN.ONO Ono Six (Dnr)
OC.QONO.1 Ono Fish sp., barracuda (Dnr)
SO.PAPA.2 Ppaa A yellow fin tuna fish when caught with a troll line (Dnr)
NO.PAO.3 Pao House built on stilts Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dnr)
NO.PAO.3 Pa/pao (of wind) Blow something ashore (Dnr)
EC.KANE-KANE Kanekane Buttocks (Dnr)
PN.PAGOGO Panno Fish sp. (Dnr)
PN.PALA.3 P/pala To become infected, to ulcerate; for a wound, to redden and swell up (Dnr)
PN.PEE-HENA Pee naa Like that (Dnr)
PN.PEE-HENI Pee nei Like this (Dnr)
CC.PII.2B Pii To be full (Dnr)
NO.PILI.1C Pili To be on top of another object; (of boat or canoe) run aground (Dnr)
PN.PITO.2 Pito kupena A small net about three feet long (Dnr)
NO.MANU.2 Manu A smell (Dnr)
PN.POO-GIA Poonia To be caught at sea when it is night, under unusual or unpleasant circumstances; not to reach a destination by nightfall (Dnr)
PN.PORO-QAKI Polo The death wish or requests a dying man makes to his family (Dnr)
PN.PORO-QAKI Poloaki To say goodbye (Dnr)
PN.PORO-QAKI Polo/polo A promise; to promise, to make a commitment, often to marry (Dnr)
FJ.PUKU.3 Puku/a Mouth (Dnr)
OC.PULAPULA Pulapula Offspring whose physical features resemble their male genitor (Dnr)
NO.PUU-LOA Puloa A shell species (Dnr)
PN.LAAKEI Laakei To be decorated with flowers (Dnr)
PN.LAU-GUTU Launutu The lips of a person (archaic); the rim of a basket (Dnr)
SO.LAA-LAA Laalaa The fin of a shark (Dnr)
SO.LAQALAQA-TEA Laalaa tea Midday (Dnr)
PN.LAU-PATA Laupata A tree species (macaranga?) used for some woodworking and firewood (Dnr)
PN.LAU-QULU Laulu The hair on the scalp (Dnr)
PN.LAWE.2B Lave To have met a person, to have lived when another lived or to have seen an event (Dnr)
PN.LAWE-A Laavea To catch an illness; to be drunk, intoxicated (Dnr)
OC.LELE.A Lle To fly; to flow, as a river flows; to bleed, as blood (Dnr)
XO.LII.3 Lii A kind of coconut that has an edible husk and is sweet. (Dnr)
PN.LOFI L/lohi The spreading of a smell, either good or bad Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dnr)
AN.ROGO.1B Lono News, information; a person’s reputation. (Dnr)
AN.ROGO.1B Lo/lono An echo (Dnr)
OC.NONU Lonu A plant species (yaw bush?) Phonologically Irregular (Dnr)
CP.LOLI Loli A sea slug; (fig.) a man's penis (Dnr)
OC.LOTO.A Loto Center, between, inside (Dnr)
MP.SAQI Sai/sai To tie up, to bind, as in wrapping cord around a case (Dnr)

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