Tokelau entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
MP.MOO-MONA Moomona Rich and fleshy (of crabs, crayfish etc.) (Sma)
MP.MONO.A Mono To plug, seal (Sma)
PN.MOSO.2 Moho Cooked (Sma)
PN.MOTI-MOTI Moti Drop n. (Sma)
PN.MOTI-MOTI Motimoti Drip, drizzle (of rain, leaks in roof, etc.) (Sma)
OC.MUQA.A Mua Front, in front, forward (Sma)
PN.MUQA-KI Muaki To bear fruit Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sma)
NP.MUKA.1B Hua muka/muka Drinking coconut with soft meat inside (Sma)
PN.MURI.1C Muli Youthful, young (Sma)
PN.MURI.1C Fafine /muli/ Young married woman (Sma)
PN.MURI-WAQE Mulivae Heel (Sma)
PN.MURI-WAI Mulivai Mouth of river (Sma)
PN.MURU Mulu Singe pig or chicken (Sma)
PN.MUMU Mumu Said of flies covering the body (Sma)
CP.MUNA Muna Criticise, scold (Sma)
PN.MUTIE Mutia Grass (Sma)
MP.MUTU.1A Mutu Cut off, lopped (of parts of living things) (Sma)
MP.MUTU.2 Mutu Tropical ragfish (Abudefduf sp.) (Sma)
PN.NA.3 Na Verbal particle, past tense, indicating an action completed in past time (Sma)
PN.-NA.4 A a/na, o o/na His, of his (Sma)
PN.NAQA.2 Naa Negative imperative particle (Hpr)
MP.NAMO Namo Lagoon (Sma)
NP.NANA.3 Nana Eyes only for the best (Sma)
RO.NANUE Nanue Rudderfish (Kyphosus cinerascens) (Hpr)
NP.NAPAQA Naapaa Regret, feel sorry or guilty for not doing what one thinks one should have done (Sma)
NP.NAPE.A Nape Sit cross-legged with feet on thighs; pluck out (eye from eye socket) (Sma)
NP.NATI Na(na)ti Hurry, hasten; urge Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sma)
FJ.NEE Nei Interrogative particle used to emphasize a question (Sma)
SO.NI.2 Ni Plural indefinite article (Sma)
PN.NIMO.2 Ninimo Move round in a circle; be confused in mind; be giddy, dizzy (Sma)
PN.NINI.3 Nini Apply on skin, smear, rub into the skin (Sma)
EC.NIWA.* Ni/niva Feel giddy, dizzy (Sma)
EO.NOA.1 Faka/noanoa/ Be sad, disappointed; sadness, bereavement, mourning Problematic (Sma)
PN.NOA.2 Noa Just, mere, of no importance. Postposed particle mainly in nominal sentences (Hpr)
NP.NUAFINE Nuafine An old term for an old woman (Sma)
PN.TAMA-TAQANE Tamataane Boy, son; division of a kaainga made up of sons of the founding couple and all their descendants... (Sma)
OC.NOFO Nofo Sit, reside, stay (Sma)
PN.NOFO-A Nofoa Chair, seat, stool, etc (Sma)
MP.NOFU Nofu Stonefish sp. (Hpr)
OC.NONU Nonu Shrub or small tree (Morinda citrifolia) (Whr)
EO.NUANUA. Nuanua Rainbow (Sma)
PN.QO O/i Verbal particule. A conjunction (sic) that one action follows another in sequence. And, and then . Introduces independent clauses in narrative where it indicates sequential (ofte consequential) action. When oi introduces subject complements there is frequently an implication of fulfilment of the situation of the clause (Hpr)
PN.OO.1 Oo Lepidozygus sp (Sma)
PN.OO.1 L/oo/tala Siganus sp. (juvenile) (Sma)
PN.OO.3 Oo Go (more than one) Borrowed (Sma)
PN.OQO Oo Loose-fitting (Sma)
PN.OQA Oa Gunwale (Sma)
MP.OFI.A Ofi To fit in; go through a passage or channel (Sma)
TU.OFI.B Ofi To fit in; go through a passage or channel (Sma)
PN.OLA.1 Ola Life, recover, be refreshed (Sma)

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