Tokelau entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.LUPO Lupo Juveniles of all (Caranx spp.) (Hpr)
EO.MA-.1 Ma- Denoting events or processes which come about spontaneously or by accident, without a purposeful agent (Hpr)
PN.MA-.2 Ma- Prefix indicating possibility of performing/suffering the action (Hpr)
PN.MA.3 Ma From, away from (Sma)
OC.MA.4 Ma Conj. used to link noun phrases and verb phrases. And, with, also, etc. (Sma)
AN.MAA.5A Maa Preposed short pronoun, first person dual exclusive (Sma)
AN.MAA.5A Kimaa 1st person dual exclusive pronoun: we two (he and I), us (Ply)
AN.-MAA.5B -maa(ua) First person dual exclusive possessive suffix (Sma)
SO.MAQAA Maa Husband of a man's sister or cousin (Sma)
OC.MAE.1A Ma/mae/ Withered, die away (Sma)
PN.MAE.1B Mae Dried fish (Sma)
MP.MA-FANA Maafana/fana Be warm (Sma)
PN.MAFATUA Maafatua To sneeze (Sma)
NP.MAFU.1 Mafu Heal, dry up (of wounds) (Sma)
PN.MA-FUA Mafua Fry, swarm of little fish on which the big fishes feed; prey (Sma)
EO.MAFUIKE Maafuie Earthquake Problematic (Sma)
PN.MA-FULI Mafuli Be tipped over; capsize (Sma)
PN.MATA-A-QUHA Mataaua Raindrop, drop (of liquid) (Sma)
EO.MAGA.2 Maga Vagina (Sma)
MP.MAGO Mago Dry (Sma)
OC.MAGOO Magoo Generic term for sharks (Hpr)
MP.MAGU.2 Magu/magu Very dry, parched (Sma)
OC.MAHU.B Mau (Of one's thirst) be satisfied, have enough; (of defecation) be finished, feel comfortable (Sma)
OC.MAHU.A Mau Abundance of food (Sma)
MP.MAHUKU Mahiku Herbs of various kinds or perhaps a general term Problematic (Whr)
PN.MAI.B Mai Let me have it, Give it to me (Sma)
PN.MAILE Lau/maile/ A fern (Phymatosorus scolopendria) (Whr)
FJ.IRI.B Ili Fan (v); (of conch, horn, etc.) blow, sound (Sma)
PN.MA-KAKA Makaka (Of leaves, twigs etc.) very dry (and brittle), parched; obstinate, stubborn (Sma)
PN.MA-KEKE Maakeke Hard (e.g. of iron), strong (e.g. of a person) (Sma)
PN.MAKULU Makulu Fall (of rain) (Sma)
AN.MAKUPUNA Makupuna Grandchild (Sma)
PN.MALA.2 Mala/mala Wood chip (Sma)
PN.MALA.3 Mala Disaster; epidemic (Sma)
PN.MA-LAGA.1 Malaga Be airborne (of birds) (Sma)
PN.MA-LAGA.2 Malaga Journey, voyage, trip, go on such (Sma)
SO.MAA-LAGA.* Maalaga Come into being, appear (Sma)
PN.MALA-QIA Maalaia Be afflicted with disaster; unlucky, unsuccessful (Sma)
EO.MA-LAMA Maalama The night of the full moon (Sma)
OC.MA-RAMA.A Malama (Of a day) break, dawn (Sma)
OC.MA-RAMA.A Maalama Brightness, clearness (of a day); illuminated (Sma)
NP.MALA-TEA Malatea Napoleon fish (Cheilinus undulatus) (Hpr)
RO.MALAU.1 Malau Fish spp. of genera (Holocentrus, Adioryx, Myripristus, Flammeo) (Hpr)
PN.MARAWA Malava (Teuthis rostratus) (Sma)
PN.MA-LEMO Malemu Drowned, choked with water (Sma)
PN.MALIE Malie Be sweet, tasty (Sma)
PN.MAALIE.A Malie Agree; be satisfied; will, wish, satisfaction (Sma)
PN.MA-LIGI.A Maligi Be spilt, spill over (Hpr)
NP.MA-LILI.1 Malili Fall off, drop off (of hair, leaves etc.) (Sma)
PN.MALILI.2 Malili (Mulloidichthys vanicolensis) (Hpr)

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