Tokelau entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
EC.TAAIKI Taiki/a To be caught, be found at a particular place at a particular time (Sma)
SO.TAINA Taina Same-sex sibling (Sma)
NP.TAI-TEA Taitea The soft white wood of (Cordia subcordata) (Sma)
OC.TAAIWA Taaiva Black Spot Snapper (Lutjanus monostignus [monostigma]) (Sma)
OC.TAKA.1A Taka Roam, wander, stray (Sma)
PN.TAKA.2B Taka Sandal (Sma)
NP.TAKALO Takalo Playing (of a game) (Sma)
PN.TAKE.2 Take Break, broken, cracked; hairline crack (Sma)
FJ.TAKELE.A Takele Bottom, keel (Sma)
PN.TAKU.1 Taku Tell; say, pronounce; report; confess; announce (Sma)
PN.TE-QA-KU Taku My (A category of possession) (Sma)
PN.TAKU-A.2 Takua Be mentioned, be known as, be remembered, be known (favourably or otherwise) (Sma)
RO.TAKU-HALI Takuali Small but dangerous sea-eel which attacks (Sma)
PN.TALA.1 Tala Thorn, spine, barb (Sma)
FJ.TALA.2 Tala Story, news, report (Sma)
FJ.TALA.3 Tala Untie, release, open (Sma)
PN.TALA.4 Tala(gogo) Sooty Tern (Sterna fuscata) (Sma)
PN.TARA Tala Gable ends of a traditional house (Sma)
NP.TALA-TALA.B Talatala Violet Soldier Fish (Myripristis violaceus) (Hpr)
PN.TALAWA Feketalivai A thin black sea creature which has short thick black hairs on its five long arms Problematic (Sma)
NP.TAALAWA Talava Upper purlin (Macgregor 1937:126) (Sma)
PN.TALE Tale Cough, coughing (Sma)
PN.TALI.2B Tali Answer, reply; respond, react (Sma)
PN.TALI.2A Tali Go out and meet someone; receive guests, be a host (Sma)
FJ.TALI.4 Tari Fetch, collect (of water) (Sma)
MP.TALIE.1 Talie A tree (Terminalia catappa) (Whr)
AN.TALIGA Taliga Ear (Sma)
PN.TALITALI-QULI Talitaliuli Fish parasites incl. pilotfish, cleaner fish, and Remora (with name as above) (Sma)
PN.TALITALI-QULI Teletelevakaniu Remora (Echeneis naucrates) Problematic (Sma)
AN.TALO.1 Talo (Colocasia sp.) (Sma)
CP.TALO.2 Ta/talo/ Prayer (Sma)
FJ.TA-QALO Taalo Signal for help; wave, beckon; invite (Sma)
XW.TALU.2 Talu Since, either, because of (Hpr)
PN.TAMA-FAFINE Tamafafine Descent group from daughters of the founding couple (Sma)
NP.TAMA-QITI Tamaiti Child; offspring; childhood, youth; immature, young (Sma)
PN.TAMAKI.1 Tamaki Of ebb tide, be not as low as expected Problematic (Sma)
XO.TAMAKI.2 Tamaki Of ebb tide, be not as low as expected Problematic (Sma)
NP.TAMA-QA-LOA Tamaaloa Man, a male person (Sma)
AN.TAMA-NA Tamana Father (Sma)
PN.TAA-MATE-A Taamate Kill, slaughter; cross out, erase; eradicate, wipe out, get rid of; (of a light, fire, etc.) put out, turn off... (Sma)
PN.TAA-MAU Tamau Secure, fasten, lock (Sma)
NP.TANA.A Tana His, her a-class possession (Sma)
PN.TANE Tane Tinea (Sma)
OC.TANIFA Tanifa A man-eating sea monster that appears in traditional tales (Sma)
OC.TAQO.3A Ta/tao (pl. tao) Cover (Sma)
PN.TAAQOFI Taaofi Stop, hold back, detain (Sma)
PN.TAOTAO Taotao Flutefish (Fistularia petimba) (Hpr)
NP.TAPATUU.* Tapatuu Sea-pike barracuda (Sphyraena forsteri) when young (Sma)
XW.TAPILI Tapili To fan (Sma)
OC.TAPU Tapu Forbidden; placed under taboo (Sma)

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