Reconstruction Level: MP - Malayo-Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
LAPU Knead to a pulp
LASO.A Scrotum and testicles
LAWE.1 Quill feathers, plumes
REFU.1 Ashes
REGA Turmeric (prepared)
LIFA.1 Frightful, dreadful
LILI.2 Agitated (of liquid); rough (of sea), stormy; boil (of water)
LIMA.B Hand, arm
LIMU Moss, seaweed
LITO.1 Burn, flame
LOKU Bent, bowed down
LOLO.2 Flood, submerge
LOMA.2A Subside, abate (of flood, tide, sea, strong wind)
LUU.2 To drip or leak
LUA.1 Hole, pit
RURU Shelter, calm
MA-FANA To be warm: *ma(a)fana
MAGO Dry; old (of things)
MAGU.2 Dried up (of that which was wet or moist)
MAHUKU Grasses, sedges, ferns and other small plant spp; overgrown fallow area, swidden: *m(a,o)huku
MAKA.A Stone
MALINO Calm (of water)
MALO Loin garment
MALU.A In shadow, shaded, sheltered; shade, shadow; twilight
MALUU.A Soft (of a substance), weak, tender
MAMA.2 Chew without swallowing, esp. to soften food for an infant
MAQA-MAQA.A Light (in weight)
MAMI To taste of something; flavour
MANAWA.1 Belly
MANUU Good fortune (Clk)
MASA.1 Dry, empty (of liquid), low (of tide)
MASA.2 Bitter
MASAKI Sickness, sick person
MAQULI Life principle, soul, spirit
MEA.1A Reddish
MIMI Urinate, urine
MOHE Sleep
MOMO.A Crumble, break into small pieces
MOO-MONA Fat, rich, tasty (esp. of animal foods)
MONO.A To plug in, plug up, block up, caulk
MUU.2 A fish, Tropical Porgy (Monotaxis grandoculis)
MURI.1A Behind, after, to follow, be last
MUTU.1A Cut off, ended
MUTU.2 Fish sp. (Pomacentridae, particularly Abudefduf (Sergeant Major))
NAMO Enclosed area of water, lagoon, pool
NAMU.2A Mosquito
NIU.1 Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera)

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