Reconstruction Level: MP - Malayo-Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
NOFU Stonefish (Scorpaenopsis sp.)
NONO.1 Small flying insect, sandfly, midge
OFI.A Be near
QOLOGAA A shrub or tree (Pipturus argenteus [= incanus]); bark used for cordage: *q(a,o)logaa
PAA.1 Enclosure, fence, wall
PAKA.1A Dried, scorched
PAKU.A Dried up (especially of lesions)
PAKU.B Burnt
PAKU.D Scab, crust; scabby, crusty
PALALAFA Butt end of coconut frond midrib
PAPA.1A Board, plank
PII.2A Sprinkle water; spurt, squirt
PIA.1 Arrowroot (Tacca leontopetaloides); starch
PIA.2A Sticky secretion
PIKI.1A Grip, cling to, stick to
PIKO.A Bent, curved, crooked
PILI.1A Adhere, stick to; sticky
PIPI.1 A bivalve shellfish
PISI.1 Squirt, spurt, spatter, splash up
PITU Bamboo
PIU.1 Fan Palm (Pritchardia pacifica)
POO.1A Night
POA.1 Fish odour; ground bait
POGI-POGI Twilight, especially morning
POLA.1 Plaited coconut leaf
PONO.1 Block up, close
PUA-PUA.1 Genital area
PUGA.1 Coral rock
PUKU.1A Protuberance, lump, swelling
PULA.1 To glow, shine; flash, glitter; phosphorescence
PULA.2B Stare
PULE.1 Cowrie shell
PULELE-FUA Moth, butterfly
PULU.1A Coconut husk fibre
PUNA Bubble or well up (of water); a spring
PUSA.2 Foam, spray, vapour, smoke; to give off foam, vapour, or smoke; to burst, expel air, vapour, etc.
PUSI.1 To blow (with the mouth); expel, spit out; spout (as a whale); smoke (tobacco); shoot (with gun)
PUTA.1A Aperture, perforation, hole
SAQA.1 Wrong, bad, inconvenient; taboo
SAFE.2 Hang
SAGA.2 To be forked; forked or branching object
SAQI Bind, confine
SAKA.1 Dance
SAKU-LAA Swordfish
SALA.3 Cut away, cut off, trim, prune
SALI.1 Flow
SAO Escape
SAPAI Lift, carry in arms
SAU.1 Dew

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