Reconstruction Level: MP - Malayo-Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
SIKO Catch, lay hold of
SIKU.A Extremity, end, tail
SINA.1 Grey or white-haired
SIPA.2 Oblique, awry
SISI.2 Univalve mollusc, snail-like, perhaps generic
SOKA.2 Some part of the bracing timber of a house roof
SOKO.1 Join; continue
SUA.2 Lever up, as soil with stick when weeding; root, as pigs
SUKI.A Pierce, prick, puncture, stab; sharp-pointed implement
SULI A banana or taro shoot
SULU.1A Insert (as in weaving, thatching), pierce
SULU.2 Illuminate; torch
TAQA.1 Armoured Soldierfish (Holocentrus spinifer) [Forskal] (Hpr)
TAGATA Person, human being
TAHI.1 Shallow sea near shore or in lagoon, salt water, tide
TAKUU Cutting or splitting instrument made of tortoise-shell or shell
TALIE.1 A tree (Terminalia sp.)
TALU.1 Weeds; fallow: *talu(talu)
TAO Spear, lance
TAPA-SI Split, cut, break
TAU.5 Come to rest, perch, alight (as a bird), anchor (as a vessel), arrive by sea
TAUTU Porcupine Fish (Diodon hystrix) and related spp. : *ta(a)(q)utu
TAWA.1 Tree sp. (Pometia pinnata)
TII.1 Plant sp. (Cordyline fruticosa [= terminalis])
TIA.1A A stake, post; stick in a peg or a needle
TIRO Look at
TIMO.1 A plant (Cucurbit)
TIO.2 Oyster sp
TIPA Stagger, deviate, turn aside
TOGO Mangrove (Bruguiera and Rhizophora spp.)
TOKA.2A Remain, wait, stop at a place; settle, coagulate, set solid
TOKE-LAU Northerly quarter and wind from that quarter
TOKO.1A Pole for punting canoe; to pole, punt
TULAKI Push over, knock over
TULU.2 Post, staff, prop, support
QUUQUU Coconut crab (Birgus latro)
UE.A Shake something backwards and forward; jiggle; agitate
QUHILA Lightning
UI Call out to
QULI.1 To steer a vessel: *(q)uli
URU.2 Arrange hot stones on bed of earth-oven
QULUGA Headrest, pillow
QUME Unicorn fish (Naso. spp.)
QUMU.1A Earth oven
USO.1A Core, marrow: *(ui)so
USO.1B Umbilical cord: *(iu)so
UTA Cargo, freight; load a canoe
WAI.1 Fresh water

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