Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
TAU-QI Pay, repay, compensate (Rby). Exchange, change.
TAU-LA Anchor
TAAULA-QATUA Priest, medium, shaman (Clk) (Rby): *taaula(-qatua)
TAU-LAGA Anchorage
TAU-RAKI Dry in air or sun
TAU-LEKALEKA.A Youth; young man
TAU-LUA Two of a kind, pair
TAUMAFA Ceremonial food; offering to the gods
TAU-MAMAQO Far off, very distant
TAU-MUQA Foredeck of a canoe
TAAU-NOA Inactive, useless, in vain (Ebt)
TAQO-PATU Upper ridgepole above the *taqufufu *taq(o,u)-p(a,o)tu
TAUPE Hang, droop, bend down: *(ta(a))upe
TAAU-POQOU Virgin, unmarried girl
TAU-SALA To err, get it wrong
TAU-TAFA Edge, border (Rby)
KI-TAA-UTOLU First person inclusive plural pronoun (independent): *(ki)taa-utolu
TAWAKE Tropic Bird, (Phaeton spp.)
TAWALI A tree sp
TAWA-TAWA Fish sp. (Euthynnus yaito) or (Gymnosarda unicolor) juvenile (Hpr. 1994)
TAA-WILI Rotate, spin, whirl
TE.1 Definite article singular
TEQE.2 Ooze out, squeeze out (as excrement, pus, milk, gas)
TE-QA-U Second person singular dominant possessive, your, yours: >> *ta((q)a)u
TEGA.1A Compact, rounded objects, such as seeds, muscles, testicles
TEGA.1B Thigh
TEGA.1C Seed
TEGA.2 Cramped, aching
TEKA.1 Roll, rotate, spin
TE-KAU Twenty
TEKI.2 To twitch, or make a sudden movement, start
TELE.1 Peel, pare, shave
TELE.2 Increase, grow
TERE.A Move swiftly and smoothly, in or on water: swim (as fish), sail (as canoe)
TERE.B To travel, voyage; travelling party
TEPA Look sideways, glance at
TETE Shiver, tremble
TE-TEA Albino, of light skin colour
TEU.1 To tidy up, put in order, decorate
TEWE A plant (Amorphophallus campanulatus)
TII.2 Throw v
TIQAKI Abandon, reject, throw away, leave
TIALE Flower (Gardenia taitensis)
TIFA.2 Soar, swerve
TIKE.1A Sit so as to be above one sitting on ground; squat
TILA Mast, yardarm
TILI.1A Cast, throw, fish with a casting net

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