Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
SAU-SAU.2 Angry
SA-WILI To blow of the wind; breeze
SEE.1 Err, mistake, go astray
SEKE.1A Slip, slide; surf-ride; slip off or out; fall off or out; miss (a goal)
SEKU Fantail (Rhipidura sp.)
SEMA.3 Fashion wood on an angle
SEGA.1 Blue-crowned lory (Vini australis)
SEGA.2 Yellow or yellowish-red; orange
SEGI.A Half-light: dawn, twilight
SEPO.A Suck, slurp, lap up, lick up food
SII.1 Fish with a line
SIAPO Paper-mulberry plant (Broussonetia sp.); bark-cloth
SIGANO Pandanus flower; Pandanus sp
SIKU-LEQO Faint voice; echo (Clk): *siku-leqo
SIKU-MATA Outer corner of the eye (Clk): *siku-mata
SILI.1 Pass by, go beyond, exceed
SILO Entrails
SINU-SINU Oily, shiny
SIWA.1 Dance and sing
SOANI Reciprocity, exchange
SOGI Smell v.t., touch noses in greeting
SOGO Offensive smell, esp. of urine
SOI.1 A wild yam (Dioscorea bulbifera)
SOI.3 Interjection expressing exasperation
SOKO-.3B Alone, only, by -self (with pronouns)
SOLA Flee, escape
SOLI.2 Tramp on
LULU.3 Shake
SOLO.3 Go quickly; fast
SOLO.4 Move in numbers, throng, procession. (adv.) here and there, all about
SOLO-AKI Pass along
SOLO-GA Succession, lineage
SOLO-QI.* Wipe, rub, clean by wiping or rubbing
SOMO.1 Slip off, become separate (Ebt)
SOPO.A Jump (up or down), cross a boundary
SOPO.B Get on or off a vessel
SOPO.C Rise (of sun or moon)
SOPO.D Frightened, startled
SOPU.1 Seize
SOU To be agitated (of the sea)
SUA.1 Commence a chant or song
SUQA.A Liquid; contain liquid
SUQA.C Taste, flavour
SUELO Ray of light
SU-GALU Driftwood and shells worn by wave action; jetsam.
SUI Exchange, change, replace
SUQI Dilute, mix with liquid (Clk)
SUKE Open up by removing a cover
SULALI Beche-de-mer sp (Holuthuria)

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