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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Samoan FJ.QARA Ala Awake
Sikaiana FJ.QARA Ala Awake
Takuu FJ.QARA Ara Awake; stay awake; open one's eyes
Tikopia FJ.QARA Aara Waken
Tokelau FJ.QARA Ala Be awake
Tongan FJ.QARA ʔAa To open one's eyes; to awaken or be awake
Tongan FJ.QARA ʔAaʔaa Wakeful
Tuamotu FJ.QARA Ara Awake
West Uvea FJ.QARA Ala(fia) Be awake, no longer asleep [Heo Dialect]. Wake up, open one's eyes [Muli Dialect]
West Futuna FJ.QARA Ara Be awake, open the eyes
Rennellese PN.QARA-FIA ʔAgahia To wake up as one startled or frightened
Niue AN.FARU.1 Fo/foo To take something without permission
Niue PN.FAKA-QAROFA Fak(a)alofa Love, pity, compassion; to love, pity, have mercy, bless. Greetings; handshake (in greeting); present, gift (Sph). Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn EO.QALU.A A/aru Go and take a person, get something, fetch
Rennellese FJ.AMO.1A Amo, ama Rub gently, anoint, caress, make smooth
Rennellese PN.AMO.1B Amo Make smooth, as strands of string
Rotuman PN.AMU Amu Make a contemptuous grimace at
Easter Island NP.ANAKE An/anake/ Everybody, everyone
Easter Island NP.ANAKE Anake Unique
New Zealand Maori NP.ANAKE Anake Alone, only
Moriori NP.ANAKE Enake Alone Both, all, together, only
Marquesas NP.ANAKE Anake (Ua Pou), anaʔe Seulement, simplement, uniquement, absolument
Mangareva NP.ANAKE Anake Seulement. Etre seul (Rch).
Rarotongan NP.ANAKE Anake Alone, solely, only
Tuamotu NP.ANAKE Anake Alone, only, without exception
West Uvea NP.ANAKE H/anake Alone, only
Lau NP.QANU.1 Anu To shake
Nggela NP.QANU.1 Anu To shake
Easter Island CP.AO.1 Ao Take spoonful or handful of
Niue PN.QAPA Apa/apa Make obeisance, show respect
Tongan PN.APO Apo/apo Take aim, especially in the game lafo
Tuamotu CE.APU.B Apu To completely enclose, seize in a cavity, as when a large fish seizes a smaller one in the mouth; to take the bait, as fish; to gobble, as a piece of food...
Fijian FJ.QASA Yasa Go stealthily, as to take a thing by surprise
Tahitian MP.QASU Ahu To scoop, lade, or shovel; to take up any thing with a vessel or a ladle
Rotuman AN.QATA Afa Make a mark or impression; to show clearly
Hawaiian AN.QATE.1 Ake Liver
Luangiua AN.QATE.1 (ʔ)Ake Liver
Hawaiian PN.QAATEA Aakea Broad, wide, spacious, open, public, at large
Hawaiian PN.QAATEA Aakea Broad, wide, spacious, unobstructed
Takuu PN.QAATEA Aatea Free from restrictions of shame or forbiddance or ignorance to undertake a specific task; (of a house or area) clean; neat, uncluttered; (of water) clean, clear, free of impurities; (of the sky) clear, free of clouds
Hawaiian PN.QATE-LOA Ake loa Spleen
Samoan PN.ATI.2 A(a)ti/aʔi To go softly towards in order to seize, as a bird or an enemy; to take by surprise (Prt)
Takuu PN.QATI.4 Ati Take fire from one location to another; (of a fire) start to burn
Anuta OC.ATU Atu Particle of direction away from speaker
East Futuna OC.ATU Atu Away from speaker
Hawaiian OC.ATU Aku Away from speaker
New Zealand Maori OC.ATU Atu Postposed particle indicating direction away from speaker; a comparative marker
Niue OC.ATU Atu Away from speaker towards hearer, towards a third person when neither speaker nor hearer involved; a comparative marker
Luangiua OC.ATU Aku Direction away from speaker
Penrhyn OC.ATU Atu Particle marking direction away from speaker; away, thither