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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Anuta PN.TAU-LAGA Tauranga A formal friendship relationship between an Anutan and a Tikopian...; an individual or an elementary domestic unit...participating in such a relationship
Anuta TO.TEGI-TEGI Te/tengi A small coconut leaf mat used to block doorways leading into a house, when the owner is asleep or not at home Problematic
Anuta TO.TIQI Ti(i) Small (used as suffix or separate particle postposed to noun)
Niuafo'ou TO.TIQI Siʔi/siʔi Small, few
Niue TO.TIQI Faka/tii To move or open slightly. To move aside; to make a slight movement (McE).
Tongan TO.TIQI Siʔi Small, little, young (singular); article indicating sympathy etc.
Tongan TO.TIQI Chi Small, little, thin
Anuta MP.SIKU.A Tiku/roa Cat ("long-tail") [archaic word, may be of TIK origin]
Tikopia MP.MAKA-LILI Sau/mariki Be damp Phonologically Irregular
Anuta CE.TII-TII Titi/vao A kind of small bird (or insect?) Problematic
Anuta PN.TOQO.1 To mai Bring here (command)
Anuta PN.TOQA Toa Warrior; strong man; adversary in a fight or test of strength; to choose an opponent in a battle
Anuta PN.TOKO-.2 Toko Particle used with numbers in enumerating human beings
Anuta PN.TOKO.1C To/toko To masticate betel and lime to prepare it for an old person whose teeth have become bad Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta PN.TAU.2 Tou/tou/taringa Ear ring, traditionally made from turtle shell
Anuta PN.TUQA-A-KOI Tuaakoi Stone for marking garden boundary
Anuta PN.TUQA.1B Tua/a/nima The back of the hand
Anuta PN.TUQA.1B Tua(a)uma Shoulder
Tikopia EO.TUFA.1 Tufa/ki Instruct; command; arrange; (mod.) preach
Anuta FJ.SULU.1B Turu Cloth of European manufacture; anything made of cloth
Anuta MP.SULU.1A Turu/turu Sprigs of attractive or aromatic leaves stuck in back of one's waistcloth to adorn oneself at dance or ceremony
Tikopia MP.SULU.1A Suru/suru Personal decoration of spray of leaves worn in girdle at back, esp. in dancing, and by males
Anuta AN.QUGA Unga Small hermit crab (often used as bait for *tiiti* fishing from the beach)
Anuta PN.SUQA.C Uo/ua Pudding made by baking tubers and then mixing with fresh coconut cream...
Anuta PN.QULU-KAO Urukao A type of large man-eating shark
Anuta MP.WAA-WAA.2B Vaa/mangio A kind of plant which produces itching in humans (Tetrastigma sp.)
Anuta PN.WAA.2 Vaa/maunga Valley
Anuta PN.WAI-WAI Vaivai/tama Afterbirth
Anuta PN.SAA-KALO V/akaro To weed small plants and grass by hand
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.FAKA-LELE Whakarere-mauri To startle, to give a fright to someone
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.FAKA-RIKI Whakariki To make a quick movement with the hands, as in getting a coconut; to protrude tongue in and out of mouth quickly
Manihiki-Rakahanga NP.KOLO-MAKI Haka/koromaki Sit without a stir
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.MANAKO Haka/manako To think
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.MAGA-MAGA.A Faka/mangamanga, haka/mangamanga To split
Manihiki-Rakahanga SO.KAU-MAI Ka mai Bring Problematic
Penrhyn FU.FAKA-TILI Kaatiri Line of descent; stock, lineage (of animals)
Manihiki-Rakahanga NP.KO-NEI Konei Here (proximal deictic pronoun)
Manihiki-Rakahanga TA.KOO-UA Koua Matured coconut for drinking
Pukapuka TA.KOO-UA Kooua Immature coconut
Manihiki-Rakahanga NP.KULA.1C Kura tangata Human population. To begat issue, to carry on line (Sve). Uncertain Semantic Connection
Penrhyn PN.MA-FOLA Haka/maasora To spread Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn PN.MA-FOLA Maasora-hia To loosen [ex. hair] Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn MP.MASA.1 Mai/masa Growth stage of coconut fruit (between *sakari* and *uto*); flesh still white and still contains some liquid
Penrhyn NP.SUUMAALIE Su marè, sumarè/ng Very good, best
Penrhyn PN.MATA.2B Neu mata Half-grown coconut
Penrhyn PN.PI-PIKI Mata pikè Crooked eyes, squint
Penrhyn TA.MAANIANIA Manienie/wr Shut up! silence!
Penrhyn NP.MUKA.1B Muko-muko, muco muco, makumako Earliest stage of coconut
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.KAPI.C Kapi tane Male issue Uncertain Semantic Connection
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.MAGEHO.A Mange Itch