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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Takuu NP.TEE-LAA Te(e)laa That (over there, further from the speaker than indicated by tenaa); another, (somebody or something) else
New Zealand Maori NP.TEE-LAA Teeraa That, yonder, away from or unconnected with either the speaker or the person addressed; that other, the other; yonder, there, then
Tuamotu NP.TEE-HENA Teenaa That, there by you; referential; location near addressee, away from speaker
Tuamotu NP.TEE-LAA Teeraa That, over there; referential object away from both speaker and addressee
Takuu NP.TEE-HENA Teenaa That (near you, closer to the speaker than that indicated by teelaa)
Luangiua AN.HALA Make/ala Road
Nukuoro PN.WALO.1 Daa/valo Make a great deal of noise (vocal)
Luangiua AN.KIO.1A ʔIo Baby chicken (from the noise it makes)
West Futuna NP.AKILI Akeri-a To empty, to dig out (ex. unloading food from boat). To empty a thing, e.g. basket (Cpl). Creuser (une pirogue) (Rve). Phonologically Irregular
West Futuna PN.QAMO Amo-a Take, carry; have, beget children. L'apporter (avec brancard), ramasser par terre, prendre avec main, attraper (crabes) (Rve). Uncertain Semantic Connection
West Futuna MP.LAKA.1 Faka/laka To make a thing with long spaces. To make with long open spaces, to space things (Dty)
West Futuna FJ.GOGO.3 Fa/ŋoŋo/nua To make desolate Problematic
West Futuna AN.FAFAGO Faŋo/na To awaken; exhort, admonish
West Futuna PN.FARO.2B Fari/ake-a, fari/akina To stretch out the hand; point out as guilty
Kapingamarangi NO.TIKE.2 Diga To turn, make a turn
Nukuoro NO.FAKA-PULU Hagabulu/bulu ange Make do with
Hawaiian PN.FAKA-SOA Hoʔohoa To make friends
New Zealand Maori PN.FAKA-SOA Whakahoa Make a companion of, associate with
Rarotongan PN.FAKA-SOA ʔAkaʔoa Make friend, companion, mate
Takuu CP.TALO.2 T/taro Massage the body of an unconscious person to induce consciousness; shake someone repeatedly to waken them from a deep sleep Uncertain Semantic Connection
Luangiua NO.TAA.6 Ka/akea Turn canoe around
Takuu NO.TAA.6 Taa (of a person, automobile, etc.) Diverge from the main path, take a branch road...
Nukuoro NO.TAA.6 Daa To make a sharp turn
West Futuna EC.KAVAU Kavau To make a great noise Problematic
West Futuna AN.MAI.A Mai Suffix denoting motion towards the speaker
West Futuna EC.MITI.3B MiSi/miSi The wake of canoes
West Futuna MP.GALU.1 Garu Wave, breaker
Takuu NO.PA-TAKE Petake (of a hole or container) Shallow; (of ground) uneven; (of a road) to have potholes’
Sikaiana NO.PA-TAKE Paa taketake To be shallow (of water)
Ifira-Mele NP.PEQE-SI.B P/pesi (tr. peesi/a) Throw; catch with a net; contribute, take up a collection
Sikaiana SO.SEPE S/sepe To cut thinly to make something even, as when joining two pieces of wood or cutting a shoot of a coconut tree to collect coconut sap
Tongan PN.QARA-FAKI ʔAafaki To keep watch beside a corpse; to keep someone awake; to prepare and light up a native oven immediately on waking. Veiller; (cuisine) que l'on fait avant jour (Btn).
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.QARA-FIA Alahia Watch, stay awake to watch
Hawaiian PN.QARA-FIA Hoʔa/alahia To awaken; wakefulness, insomnia
Sikaiana PN.QARA-FIA Alahia To keep oneself awake
Sikaiana SO.KAU-MAI Kaumai Send towards speaker
Samoan SO.KAV-ATU ʔAvatu Give (to the person spoken to, or some person other than the speaker); take; help oneself to
Tokelau SO.KAV-ATU Kavatu Send; dispatch; take; give
Samoan SO.KAV-AGE ʔAvane Take, bring along; serve, provide; hand over
Sikaiana SO.KAV-AKE Kauake Give away
Rennellese MP.KAWE.2A Kau/aki To bring, take, pull in, escort
Samoan SO.KAV-AKE ʔAvaʔe Take up, pick up, put up
Tokelau SO.KAV-AKE Kavake Bring up (to a higher place), bring along
Takuu SO.UFU.2 Uhu Untie (a knot), undo, unfasten; remove something that has been thrust into something else; make a slip-knot
Vaeakau-Taumako SO.UFU.2 Uhu/aina Take off, pull up (clothes)
West Futuna FJ.SAU.2 Sau/akea (WFU), sau/age (ANI) To amputate
West Futuna CE.SERU Seru-akea Tear off a piece Problematic
West Futuna OC.SIKA.2 Siŋa/fi To make fire by rubbing; the horizontal stick used Phonologically Irregular
West Futuna NP.TAFA-TAI Taf/tafatai (ANI) Breakers
West Futuna PN.AGE -(k)age Out, away, over there, over yonder, to the side. Directional suffix indicating motion away from speaker and addressee.