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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Luangiua PN.LULU.3 Lulu heŋoa Earthquake
Niuatoputapu PN.LULU.3 Lulu/lulu Shake
Niue PN.LULU.3 Lu(l)u(lulu) To shake (vt)
Nukumanu PN.LULU.3 Ruru henua Earthquake
Takuu PN.LULU.3 Ruru Shake
Tongan PN.LULU.3 Lulu Shake
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.LULU.3 Lulu/ia Shake (vt)
West Futuna PN.LULU.3 Ruru/ia Shake, tremble. Secouer; tourner dans tous les sens pour arracher (Rve).
Tongan PN.LULU.3 Looloo-looloo To shake, to jolt
Tongan PN.MA-SAE Mahai(hai) To tear, to make ragged
Tongan MP.MIMI Mimi To make water; urine
Tongan EO.MAFUIKE Mófooíge An earthquake
Tahitian AN.MAQOHA Maoa To be sufficiently baked, applied to food
Tongan PN.MAQU-A Mow To obtain, to attain, to win, to catch; to overtake; obtained, secutre, safe, faithful
Tongan NP.NEI Ne A particle frequently joined to the end of words for the sake of euphony -- women more frequently use it than men
Tongan MP.QUMU.1A Oomoo Victuals dressed under ground, or baked
Hawaiian CE.TEI-TEI Kei(kei) To glory in, take pride in; dignified, proud, glorious
Tongan PN.TELE-FUA Telefooa Bare, naked
Tongan PN.TOKE.1A Toge A water snake
Tongan PN.FAKA-MAQU Fucca mow To make fast, to fasten, to secure, to tie, to furl (as a sail)
Tongan PN.SEI-LALA Heláha Fruit of the tree so called, used to make necklaces Problematic
Tongan PN.SUNU-KI Hunuki To insert, stick in, in the ground; to peg out, mark out with pegs or stakes in the ground
Anuta PN.GAGAU Ngangau To have a headache; to be in a weakened condition because of a headache
Niue PN.FAKA-RIKI Fakaiki/iki To make small (usually refers to quantity) [ex. chop into small pieces]
Niue PN.PAKEE Pakee, pokee, pakaa To make a light crackling sound [ex. chewing gum]
Niue EP.SAPE.B Hepe Wrong; error, mistake, fault Problematic
New Zealand Maori TA.MAI-MOA Maimoa Pet, fondling; decoy, parrot; cherish, take care of
Tuamotu PN.MA-ISI Maihi To come-, peel-, strip, flake- off, exposing the under surface (as bark, skin)
Niue PN.TAUTE Taute To make, prepare, do, act; outfit, dress
Anuta PN.TAUTE Taute To make, do, work at; to treat an illness or injury
Penrhyn PN.TAUTE Taute/a To make up, dress up
Tongan PN.WALA.2 Fe/vaala/aki (of person or mind) To be pulled or distracted this way and that, wondering...which of two or more courses to take
Niue PN.QARO-FI Aofi Ceiling; to make a ceiling
Tongan AN.FAFAGO Fangu/na To be awakened by something (esp. a smell)
Niue PN.FANO-GA Fenoga Journey, trip; to travel, to make a journey. Company of travellers (McE).
Tongan TO.HEKI Heki Push out, make it stick out (e.g. window, shutter); (arms) akimbo
Samoan PN.KAKU.1 ʔAʔu Attend, be present, take part; meet, reach, join up [of two things or parts of a thing]
Tongan PN.KAPE.2 Kape/ʔi To lever up (a small thing, such as the lid of a tin); to gouge out or take out (e.g. a splinter) in this manner
Niue PN.KAPE.2 Kape To take or scoop out, prise out
Tongan TO.KUPU-TI Kupusi To put one's arms around, to encircle with the arms; to comprehend or take in (mentally)
Niue NO.PA-TAKE Lake/lake Shallow Problematic
Niue PN.QOPO Lopo/ti To close, cover; take all for oneself; take good care Problematic
Niue PN.LUU.1 Luu Young taro leaves used for food (mixed with coconut cream and baked in oven)
Samoan TO.LUTU Lotu, ?lutu To make a hollow sound in the water with the hand
Rennellese TO.LUTU Gu/gutu To shake or tremble, as with a high fever
Tongan PN.FUNA.4 Ma/funa Ragged or uneven on the surface; flakes on the skin or scalp, scurf, etc.
Niue PN.MAO.2 Mao mao V mai: Be perceived (by speaker) as a result of V Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue PN.MULU.1 Mulu To fiddle; to take too long (of work) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tongan NP.NEKE.1A Neke To treat or represent as being of special importance, or especially difficult or painful, etc.; to make a fuss of Problematic
Tongan FJ.NEE Ne A particle frequently joined to the end of words for the sake of euphony -- women more frequently use it than men